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Denzity Updates    The New Age Real Estate Expert: Agency, Media, and AI with Prash Nayar
Denzity ● Mar 18, 2021 11:16:44 AM

The New Age Real Estate Expert: Agency, Media, and Artificial Intelligence with Prash Nayar | Denzity Insights

Prash Nayar shares his opinion on the future of real estate media and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the real estate industry.
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Instagram: @realestatetimesTV

Over the past years, the influence of technology on major industries have been massive. Whether by helping predict outcomes or improvising management, technology has definitely made its permanent place in the real estate industry.

In today’s video, Prash Nayar shares his opinion with Darren Wong Denzity on the future of real estate media, the role of Artificial Intelligence in the industry and much more.

Prash is the Co-founder of REXY AI, a shared buyers database fostering collaboration among real estate agents while earning them a passive income, saving them time & establishing further trust with their clients. Besides working on REXY AI, Prash is the CEO of the Real Estate TimesTV, a digital real estate media company that provides its audiences with a global perspective on the world of property.

What is the real estate game really about?
What are the challenges you actually face?
How does social media come into play?
Is it possible to pick only one social media platform to reach your audience?
How does AI benefit realtors?
Who can you trust in the industry?
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Quick tips:

PropTech (Property Technology): The acronym PropTech is used to describe the usage of technology such as mobile applications, data analytics etc to the real estate industry. It is also known as Real Estate Technology. Individuals tend to use PropTech in order to modify the real estate market and to ease the workload within.

For more:

IoT (Internet of Things): IoT is basically a network or system embedded in devices or machines which allows them to interconnect and exchange data without the involvement of a human being. IoT helps realtors gather information and make decisions accordingly, which often acts as a support to increase sales.

For more:

BlockChain: A BlockChain is a chain of several blocks containing information in them. It mainly works with a mechanism that makes it really hard to tamper with the information inside a blockchain, making it secure and reliable. It is widely used to record transactions in the real estate industry.

For a deeper understanding, click on the link provided below.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI can be defined as the imitation of human actions and thinking, programmed in machines. The idea behind this concept is to enable computers and machines to perform more intelligently. AI can potentially enable the real estate sector to operate a lot more efficiently by saving time and energy, as well as providing valuable data and analysis.

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