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Things that Real Estate Companies are Missing Ft. Manci Man

Previously, we invited Manci Man to tell us more about BNO citizenship and online property marketing. This time, she will be sharing more about video content creation and personal branding.

Video Content Creation: How can you present information in an engaging way? How can you make the audience commit to watching the whole video? Manci started her own real estate Youtube channel about a year ago and has secured a group of loyal fans. She will be giving some tips on content creation and presentation skills.

Personal Branding: Why do you need to establish your own personal brand? Although Manci is the co-owner of Century 21 Goodwin International, she has her own Youtube channel in addition to the corporate channel. Today, Manci will be sharing her journey in establishing her brand and generating sales.

Tune in to the episode above and the following video of our mini-series to learn how Manci did so, and gain some insights on how you can do the same.

▶ About the Guest :

Manci is currently the co-owner of Century 21 Goodwin International, a branch of the biggest property franchisee in Hong Kong, established in 1989. At Century 21, (International) she works to expand the business overseas and to the Greater Bay Area. In 2019, she sold over 100 properties overseas, reaching a total sum of over HK$150 million.

She has previously worked at Raeon International Limited, strengthening their B2B sales distribution channels and working closely with many property agencies. With regular site visits to Australia, Manci holds in-depth first-hand market knowledge of the Australian property market. She also wrote a weekly column in major local newspapers in Hong Kong specialises in the area of Overseas Property Investment. Manci also spends her days as the founder of M Patisserie, a boutique Hong Kong based bakery.

​ Manci was elected as the 2019 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies, JCI Lady, and award the 2019 Hong Kong’s most outstanding Leaders Award, Hong Kong.

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