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Real Estate Companies: Start With Search with 4HK

Real Estate Companies: Start With Search with 4HK

We invited our trusted marketing agency 4HK to celebrate with us and also give you some strong ideas on digital marketing, specifically for application in the real estate sector. 4HK is a boutique advertising agency setting out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. Beside offering marketing solutions to the startups and SMEs, they host workshops to teach entrepreneurs & founders how to grow their businesses. The founders Patrick and Andrew are also co-founders of LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focusing on early-stage ventures.

▶ Key Points:

01:10 Google Analytics

02:52 Baidu search

04:38 Search Engine Crawl

We hope you will have a better idea of how digital marketing works after this episode and be able to take your business to the next level.

Our Thoughts of this episode:

From talking to many clients, a lot of them find investing in SEO and SEM effective. But, most of them tend to work with agencies instead of DIY. Since there is so much to understand and to do (such as writing contents), many real estate professionals tend to outsource. I wish this episode talked more about the technicalities such as keyword searches and how to create contents based on the target keywords. I also would like to learn more about the pros and cons of investing in SEO and SEM, compared to investing in social media platforms. 

我們邀請了我們最信任的線上行銷仲介4HK來跟我們一起慶祝,並且給予你們一些在線上行銷的一些有力意見,特別是房地產領域的觀眾。4HK 是個時尚行銷仲介,專門為品牌提供達到更高收益的建議。除了給予行銷建議給初創公司以及中小型公司,他們幫助以及教導創業者如何開創更多市場。4HK的開創者 Patrick 和Andrew也是LimeHK的創始人,一個以香港市場為基礎的風險投資機構。


  • Google分析
  • 百度搜索引擎
  • 搜尋引擎爬網




▶ About the guest:

Andrew and Patrick co-founded the boutique advertising agency (4HK). The agency set out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. They advocate transformational marketing technologies and are involved in the Startups/SME sector, hosting many workshops/seminars for like-minded entrepreneurs & founders to help them grow their businesses.

They also co-founded LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focused on early-stage Startups/Ventures and provides mentorship, strategic partnerships & investments.

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