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Expand Your Business in the Asia Real Estate Industry Today

The Internet is a double-edged sword for real estate agents. On one hand, it is now easier for agents to communicate with potential clients and advertise their businesses using all kinds of social media platforms. Yet, on the other hand, clients may be sceptical and they’re not sure who to trust online where they can find millions and millions of real estate agents. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses changed their business models to focus more on their online development. How can one stand out in such an ever-changing market?

Denzity here offers you your business solution. As an online PropTech platform, Denzity can provide you the opportunity to showcase your expertise to all potential clients in Hong Kong. You can build up a profile on Denzity showing basic contact information of yourself, and more importantly, share your professional insights through our appealing Denzity packages, and reach out to clients like you can never imagine before.

Let’s say you’re an expert for the Vietnam real estate market. In the past, you may be working freelance or with an agency, and all you can do is wait for clients to come to you, or expand your business client by client. However, now with Denzity packages, you can proactively share your insights about the Vietnam real estate market with anyone who browses the Denzity website. You can also interact with users through the Q&A session, or even be a guest on our latest YouTube program Denzity Insights to share your experiences with founder Darren Wong. We all know that investors are prudent when it comes to real estate investment, so credibility and professionalism are very important. Through these opportunities, you can show clients how well you know your stuff and your willingness to help them solve their problems. And that, boys and girls, is how you build your reputation and personal brand.

Modern problems require modern solutions. As a real estate expert, it is important to keep up with the real estate market trends as well as global trends. In times of changes, it is always easier to stay in the comfort zone and follow the traditional way. But in this fast-paced society, this isn’t going to work. Real estate experts nowadays have to be more creative and determined than ever to earn a place in this competitive market. Instead of being distant with lots of forms to fill in and lots of emails back-and-forth, it is essential to directly add value for clients. With Denzity packages, you can interact with potential clients directly, answer their questions, and lead them through the uncertainties of real estate investments. Many experts may worry about how to position their businesses in the digital era and how it may impact their businesses. Denzity can be a good starting point for you to transit to the modern real estate industry.

Around 2,000 real estate agencies and agents have been using Denzity packages to promote their businesses since our launch in 2019, including experts specializing in around 100 markets like the Hong Kong real estate market and Malaysia real estate market. Join us today as an Denzity Expert and enjoy our exclusive Denzity package to further expand your business. Email us at It is your time to shine.

Market Updates

Denzity Insights – Standing on the shoulders of real estate experts

It is never an easy decision to purchase real estate, especially when you don’t know a lot about this industry. You may wonder, is there a way to get in touch with some sort of real estate experts and learn more about a specific topic regarding real estate equity investment? Guess what, there is! Denzity Insights is a new education video series launched by Denzity. Real estate experts from all over the world are invited to speak with Denzity founder Darren Wong through an online meeting and share their professional experiences of a particular aspect of the real estate industry. We hope that through Denzity Insights, real estate investment knowledge can be more approachable for everyone.

Like doctors, each real estate expert has their specialties. It can be a particular oversea market like the Vietnam real estate market or Malaysian real estate market, or something more interesting like Feng Shui or artificial intelligence in real estate. In each episode, our real estate experts will focus primarily on one to two topics and discuss it in depth with Darren. Thanks to his professional background in the real estate industry, Darren will guide audiences through a journey of knowledge exploration. To suit the need of different audiences, Denzity will also provide a bilingual transcript of these videos, making it easier to comprehend even as a real estate equity investment beginner.

As a real estate amateur, there are way too many channels nowadays to get information. However, here at Denzity, we help you to gather everything you need. Reliable and renowned real estate agents and agencies, the communication channels with other people in the real estate community, and a comprehensive yellow page to find every kind of expert you need. Now the Denzity Insights series can be a good starting point for you to learn something new in the real estate field. If you’re interested in a particular topic, let’s say the Malaysian real estate market. Still, you’re not sure where or how to get started, we recommend you to start watching the “A Guide To The Malaysia Real Estate Market with Amos Lim” to lay a strong foundation on this topic. Then you can make use of that knowledge to do a Google search, or talk to a real estate agent in real life.

Why not start right off with Googling then, you may ask. While it may be convenient and easy to look something up online and get billions of results in seconds, the information you find may be too generic, or even inaccurate and useless. Without some basic knowledge on that matter, people may easily be misled, or even worse, scammed. In these situations, it is best to seek help from an expert. Through Denzity Insights, you can communicate with real estate experts and raise specific questions. Our experts will also answer each question in detail and give practical tips, instead of providing generic advice like those you may find in a random search result on Google. In the comments section, you can also interact with the real estate community sharing a similar interest. Our real estate community can not only provide the community support you need, but it also helps us to monitor the performance of our experts to maintain our credibility.

Denzity Insights is an ongoing project. In the future, we will invite more experts to share their work with us. If you have any questions or any particular topic you’re interested in, please feel free to send us an email or leave a comment on our site.

Market Updates

Featured on am730: Hong Kong Properties Are Seriously Unaffordable For Millennials

Hong Kong Properties Are Seriously Unaffordable For Millennials

Hong Kong people would agree that the dream of owning a home is challenging for most millennials. On top of the land shortage, the increasing cost of living has taken away millennials’ dream to save up for their dream home. Even though this news wouldn’t surprise many people, how bad has the situation become? According to the annual Demographia Housing Affordability Survey, Hong Kong is the most expensive city to live in – 10th consecutive years! The status is unlikely to be toppled soon. A Hong Kong family would need to save up for almost 21 years, which is around twice the time needed for the runner ups, to afford a home in the city. What’s worse? Our Hong Kong Foundation, a think tank established by former chief executive Tung Chee-Hwa, predicts the average flat size will contract further to less than 430 sq. ft in the next few years, accounting for 45 percent of private housing supply in 2019. Imagine a 400 sq. ft space is roughly the size of a typical two-car garage – there is barely any wiggle room left with a kitchen, bathroom, and a single-bed mattress!

These conditions not only have caused bad living standards for millennials but their financial status is also in a tough situation. According to Numbeo (a research and data site), a single Hong Kong person’s monthly cost is no less than HKD 8,000. With an average monthly rent of more than HKD 10,000 for a 400 sq. ft flat, millennials might only have a few thousand left for savings. With all the increasing expenditures for daily necessities and expensive living costs, millennials barely save any to invest in Hong Kong real estate. It is time to rethink, “Is there a better place to invest in real estate?”, and “Is Hong Kong suitable for real estate investments?”

With social unrest and the COVID-19 pandemic, Hong Kong millennials grow interests in Southeast Asian real estate markets, such as the Malaysia real estate market and the Vietnam real estate market. They feel Southeast Asian countries have a better economic environment, while barriers to participating in real estate investing are lower than most emerging markets. According to Global Property Guide, the average price per sq. ft in Hong Kong is HKD 20,570, while average prices per sq. ft in Malaysia and Vietnam are HKD 2,480 and HKD 1,643. Purchasing a Hong Kong property costs almost ten times more expensive than that in other Southeast Asian countries! No wonder that Hong Kong millennials have decided to look elsewhere.

Hong Kong millennials must realize that there are plenty of real estate investment opportunities outside of Hong Kong waiting for them to discover. With the rise of PropTech, investors can now be more accessible to global real estate investment opportunities and have a better-informed decision to put their hard-earned savings to work. With our platform (, we let investors focus on what matters most: getting a better sense of where, what, and how to invest in real estate worldwide that they have never thought of before effortlessly.


香港人會同意夢想擁有房產對於香港80後非常困難的。除了土地短缺,生活成本的上漲更是奪走了80後為自己夢想家園儲蓄的夢想。雖然這些都不會讓很多人驚訝,可是情況會變得有多差?根據每年Demographia Housing Affordability Survey,香港連續十年成為生活最昂貴的城市!而且,這情況近期不會被推翻。一個香港家庭需要儲蓄21年才能在自己城市負擔起自己的房子,是其他國度城市人需要的兩倍時間。團結香港資金,一個前特首智董建華創立的囊團,預計未來幾年平均單位面積將縮小至430平方英尺以下,佔2019私人住房供應的45%。想像一個400平方英尺的空間相等於兩個標準車庫 — 裝進廚房、浴室和單人床床墊後也幾乎沒有擺動空間!

這些條件不但導致80後生活水平惡劣,而且在財務狀況也面臨嚴峻問題。根據Numbeo,一位香港人每月費用不少於 HKD 8000。對於一個400平方英尺的房子,平均每月租金超過 HKD10000,80後可能只剩下幾千塊錢儲蓄。隨著日用指出昂貴和生活費用增加,80後不可能積蓄任何錢投資香港房產。是時候重新考慮:「有更好的地方投資房產嗎?香港真的適合房產物業投資嗎?」

因為社會動盪與新冠病毒大流行,香港80後對於東南亞房產市場感興趣,如馬來西亞與越南的房產市場。他們覺得東南亞國家的經濟環境比較好,而且投資房地產的門檻比起其他新興市場還要低。根據Global Property Guide,香港物業每平方英尺平均價格HKD 20,570,而馬來西亞與越南物業則每平方英尺平均價格分別為HKD 2,480和HKD 1,643。在香港購買物業的價格是東南亞國家的十倍!難怪香港80後決定把目光鎖定其他地區。


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Hi, 2021

Hey 2021, we are back!

The past year has been… quite the journey. We start posting stuff online. Start making videos. Yes, lots and lots of them. Starting a YouTube channel. Start offering Denzity Portal to real estate agencies. We even decided to dress up now… just a little bit

If you are new here, our Denzity Insights is where we interview real estate experts to share their expertise and opinions to help you to learn more about all things real estate. Beside that, we are going to launch a new series, Denzity Lens – where we interview digital experts in fields, such as video creation and digital marketing, to helps real estate professionals learning how to build their online presence and become the best versions of themselves.

Click subscribe to our page so you won’t miss all the good stuff. We put up videos every Monday and Thursday. Let us know in the comment section what you’d like to see more and what you think of the videos. We hope you like them! And, as usual, above and beyond!

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Things to consider when you buy a property overseas

Buying property overseas is undoubtedly more complicated than buying locally, especially when you do not have much experience. You will have to consider several factors and understand the risks associated with buying property abroad. This guide explores the difficulties you might face as well as some advice.

Understand the risks when buying property abroad
Tax – make sure you account for all the tax you will be liable to pay – the tax at home and in the country of purchase. Every country has its tax laws, so do your research correctly and seek professional legal and tax advice if required. You also need to think ahead. It’s common to be charged taxes when you buy a home and again when you sell it. Some places like Hong Kong impose stamp duty as an attempt to combat speculative practices. There may also be ongoing tax payments that you’ll need to make throughout the year. So you need to not just think about the tax when you buy the property, but also the tax when you own it and sell it in the future.

Check the eligibility – make sure that you have all the necessary permissions and eligibility before signing any form of contract with your real estate agency. Before buying any property overseas, it’s essential to check the local laws to make sure you are legally allowed to purchase real estate there. Even if you can buy real estate in a specific country, there might be some limitations. For example, in the Philippines, you can buy a unit in a condominium project – as long as the locals own 60% of the companies. Foreigners generally aren’t able to hold land. Vietnam, the hottest real estate hotspot in Asia, has similar restrictions too.

Funding – securing a mortgage can be tricky if you want to buy real estate abroad. There are other available options like developer financing for overseas investment. However, you have to explore the options carefully and assess your financial health. Also, the exchange rate matters. Even a tiny change to the exchange rate could significantly affect the value of your purchase and the return on your investment. The worst scenario – this could make a property or your mortgage repayments unaffordable overnight.

Beware of scams and deceptive marketing – buying property overseas involves risks, especially when you don’t know the market well. Don’t succumb to heavy pressure to sign up with a deposit before you’ve had a chance to go through everything carefully and obtain independent advice. Always reach out to reliable and reputable agents who have experience in that area.

Final words – do your research carefully
Don’t give away your hard-earned money because of inadequate research. There is plenty of information online. Do your research thoroughly and seek independent advice before making any deal. If you keep yourself aware of all the target country’s regulations and laws, it can help cut down the stress. That said, make sure you do your research right and consider all risks before making your international real estate purchase.

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Unconventional way to use the internet in your real estate journey

The internet has taken the real estate industry by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. People are regularly using search engines to find properties online. It has allowed real estate buyers to be more empowered in the entire property searching process. Interested parties can better educate themselves on topics like return on investment, loan programs and overseas property. In the old days, you could only get this information from your real estate agents, who would have to send you their current listings via phone or mail. It was very ineffective due to the delay in information exchange.

The internet has opened communication for many businesses, and the real estate industry is the perfect example. As a real estate buyer, you can make fair use of the Internet during your research process. Not only can you find property listings online, but you can also gain access to a world of real estate knowledge. Check out the below unconventional ways to use the Internet during your real estate adventure.

#1 Use it as a learning platform to obtain worldwide information
Nowadays, real estate investment goes global. A lot of people are looking to buy properties overseas. With a few clicks, you can dig out lots of information about a property in another country. You can also easily connect to an overseas property agency and arrange virtual home tours. Meanwhile, there are plenty of real estate webinars available online. Use them as a learning platform to obtain information from world-class experts. We believe that the key to strategic real estate investing is being educated. So make fair use of the Internet and consume the right information.

#2 Follow real estate “influencers” to get inspired
In 2020, the Internet is very social. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are changing how people buy everything from clothing to furniture, and now the same can be said for real estate. Real estate influencers can be your inspiration along the way. Of course, you need to select influencers carefully based on their number of followers, credibility, and authority. Follow the ones who can provide you with real insights and useful information. There is no faster way to obtain information through social media. Following real estate influencers also makes your real estate research journey more fun and entertaining.

#3 Exchange ideas with real estate experts
While your real estate agents may not have social media accounts – after all, not everyone loves social media – but you can also “make friends” with real estate experts online. Forums, webinars, and blogs are some great platforms. The good thing is you don’t need to attend those events in-person. With these online platforms, you can sit within the comfort of your home and get information from experts worldwide. If you have any question or doubt, you can send questions to them directly. The Internet has made communication easier and fostered the exchange of ideas.

If you want to join a community of real estate experts, Denzity is an excellent platform for you. We partner with professional real estate agents, developers, world-class investors and advisors to curate useful insights, open dialogues, and peer-reviewed content. Join us today to harness the power of the Internet. At Denzity, we want you to be more empowered in your real estate journey!

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Digital Marketing Tips from Denzity for Real Estate Agents

As a global online community of real estate experts, Denzity is at the forefront of digitising the real estate industry. While working with so many real estate agencies to bolster their online presence, we have found out that digital marketing is often overlooked. So today, Denzity is going to share some digital marketing tips for the real estate industry.

Use Email Marketing Right
Email marketing has been there for a while, and it’s still one of the most effective marketing tools. One common mistake that businesses make is bombarding people with generic sales messages. This is very dangerous as receivers can simply report your advertising emails as spam, and you’ll never be able to send anything to their inbox again.

Instead, you should use email marketing as an educational and informational tool. Rather than sending out a purely promotional email, think about creating an e-newsletter that combines your informative guides and tips with your most recent real estate listings. Also, do not send emails to random people. You should target mainly your subscribers – people who have opted into your email campaigns from your website voluntarily.

To be more specific, you can organize your email subscribers into different segments based on common interests, demographics, etc. You can create different types of content found on the segments. This can ensure the emails your subscribers receive are relevant.

Start a Blog Today

Are you thinking of running a Facebook ad? Remember, the internet is overloaded with ads already! More and more people tend to ignore the ads altogether. However, you can get prospects to contact you by giving them something of value. That’s why something like how-to info and infographics is very popular. You can showcase your professionalism and demonstrate thought leadership by providing prospects with the information they need. Start a blog today. Create a series of blog posts with long-form and in-depth content on different topics.
However, writing good and useful content is not enough. You have to stand out. Optimizing your content for SEO is essential. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This will ensure that your blog posts are more visible in search results. Make sure you understand the basic SEO techniques before publishing your posts. If no one can find your content in search engines, it’s a waste of time. You can also share your content on social media, email, and other platforms.

Make Use of Digital Tools for Research

We have been focusing on content a lot in the first two tips. But the problem is, how do you know what type of content is appealing to real estate investors? To find fresh content ideas that real estate investors are looking for, you can use tools like Google Trends and Google Analytics to find the right keywords and search terms. Also, be active on social media platforms. Make sure you know what your potential clients are talking about online and the latest trends in the industry. This can help you generate content ideas.

Want to stay connected to the Industry and learn more digital marketing tips for your business? Sign up here to join our community and get inspired! Denzity is a global community of industry experts and provides sound insights, open dialogues, and peer-reviewed content from professional real estate agents, developers, world-class investors, advisors and more.

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How to Find Real Estate Investors Online

As the global economy becomes more uncertain, there is also an increased demand for properties as investors are looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Consequently, there are more real estate investors in the market. With this increase in demand, there is a need for real estate agents to set themselves apart from the competition. As a real estate agent, you cannot just sit back and wait for real estate investors to come to you. You are not going to get enough clients without always prospecting. But thanks to the Internet, finding real estate investors is easier than before. The door of opportunity is always open. It’s up to you to make it happen.

So, how do real estate agents find investors online? Below are some expert tips on how to get investors in real estate and take your business to the next level:

1. Become a Pro at Online Real Estate Networking
The real estate business is mainly built on relationships. The traditional way to get clients is through referrals. And there’s no secret to building a solid real estate network. It takes time and effort. But the Internet has brought us closer. It makes meeting new people easier than before. As a real estate agent, you should network like crazy with other real estate experts such as lenders, contractors, and other real estate agents. They can be a good source of real estate leads.

Therefore, pay attention to any online real estate event happening in your area. You can know more real estate investors through virtual networking events. Or you can organize your webinars and forums to attract potential customers.

Remember, there are many ways to meet people online, and you just need to be active and patient.

2. Harness the Power of Social Media
Real estate agents can take advantage of the various social media platforms and use them to attract new clients. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to cost-effectively get the word out on the services you are offering. Apart from displaying the properties you have for sale, you can also post interesting and useful content. When people share your social media content, it can get you even more real estate clients.

Paid advertising like Facebook ads and YouTube ads are also a great way to target a specific group of people. However, it is very easy to lose money if you don’t do it properly. Whenever you run the ads, make sure you keep track of the progress and adjust if necessary.

3. Take Advantage of Other Websites and People
Fiance and blogging websites are also a good source of real estate leads for agents. There are many famous blogs and websites out there talking about investment tips. Why don’t you start by contacting the page owners to see if there’s any collaboration opportunity? For example, collaborate with finance influencers to run some marketing campaigns. As they already have loads of followers interested in investment and properties, it’s a sure-fire way to get more leads.

Market Updates

Vancouver Property: Oakridge & Horseshoe Bay with Jeff Chan at Westbank

This is one part of the full interview with Jeff Chan at Westbank. Westbank is a Vancouver real estate development company with mixed real-estate development at the core of their practice. In this episode, we are going in-depth on several Westbank projects currently in the works. We will review ways you can understand projects and realise their potential. This is a great opportunity for you to understand how to assess Vancouver properties and other properties, besides. You can find the other interviews from Jeff and more about him in the show note or our blog –

這是在WestBank對Jeff Chan的完整採訪的一部分。Westbank是溫哥華的一家房地產開發公司,其業務的覈心是混合房地產開發。在本期節目中,我們將深入瞭解現時正在進行的幾個西岸項目。我們將回顧您理解項目並實現其潜力的方法。這是一個很好的機會,讓你瞭解如何訪問溫哥華的財產和其他財產,此外。你可以在節目單或我們的部落格上找到傑夫的其他採訪和更多關於他的資訊。

Key Discussions

Understand projects and realise their full potential.
Assessing Vancouver properties and other properties.
Outside variables and their impact on the outcome of a property.
The projects featured in the episode differ in so many aspects. It is good to see how both projects are ultimately made for different people with different use-cases. When we produce Denzity Insights, we want to show the audiences how to ask the right questions and be able to derive an assessment of a property’s potential and fit. From Jeff’s presentation of these projects, you can learn how outside variables like, community, impact the outcome of a property. In the interest of time, we didn’t go in-depth into both projects. However, if you are interested to learn more about the projects from WestBank, you can find Jeff’s contact information at the show notes.

這一集裏的專題在很多方面都不盡相同。很高興看到這兩個項目最終是如何為具有不同用例的不同人員創建的。當我們提出Denzity Insights時,我們希望向觀眾展示如何提出正確的問題,並能够得出對物業潜力和適合性的評估。從Jeff對這些項目的介紹中,您可以瞭解到外部變數(如社區)如何影響物業的結果。為了節省時間,我們沒有深入研究這兩個項目。不過,如果您有興趣瞭解更多有關WestBank項目的資訊,您可以在展會說明中找到Jeff的聯繫方式。

▶ About the guest:

Jeff Chan works with Westbank who is a culture company based out of Canada. Mixed real-estate development being at the core of their practice. Westbank frequently invites people to think and talk about beauty; if you are interested in this kind of discussion feel free to reach out to Westbank (links in the show notes).

Market Updates

Marketing Funnel For Real Estate Professionals with 4HK

This is one of many parts of our full interview with 4HK, our trusted marketing agency. Grasp the broad strokes that are key to understanding digital marketing – specifically how to use it for the real estate sector. We break the episodes up so you can find specific titles that may interest you. 4HK is a boutique advertising agency setting out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. Beside offering marketing solutions to startups and SMEs, they host workshops to teach entrepreneurs & founders how to grow their businesses. The founders Patrick and Andrew are also co-founders of LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focusing on early-stage ventures.

▶ Key Points:

Marketing Funnel
Attract the Right Audience
Performance Tracking
We hope you will have a better idea of how digital marketing works after this episode and be able to take your business to the next level.

▶ Our Thoughts of this episode:

The marketing funnel is a simple but powerful concept. I am glad the 4HK team has touched on this subject. Also, I like the analogy of going to shopping malls to find a shop that sells sneakers. Using this analogy can help you think about the necessary steps it would take to attract the right audiences. My advice for you on this topic is to draw out the whole marketing funnel on a whiteboard and think clearly how to take your target audiences from one layer to another. From the exercise, you might start thinking strategies like “how does my prospect be interested to learn or find out?” or “how to track the performance”. Fascinating stuff!

本集是和4HK的訪問其中一部份,他們是我們信任的市場營銷經紀,他們會給你一個針對房地產數位行銷的概覽。我們將訪問分成幾部份,以便你尋找有興趣的內容。4HK 是個時尚行銷仲介,專門為品牌提供達到更高收益的建議。除了給予行銷建議給初創公司以及中小型公司,他們幫助以及教導創業者如何開創更多市場。4HK的開創者 Patrick 和Andrew也是LimeHK的創始人,一個以香港市場為基礎的風險投資機構。

▶ 關鍵點:


▶ 我們的感想:


▶ About the guest:

Andrew and Patrick co-founded the boutique advertising agency (4HK). The agency set out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. They advocate transformational marketing technologies and are involved in the Startups/SME sector, hosting many workshops/seminars for like-minded entrepreneurs & founders to help them grow their businesses.

They also co-founded LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focused on early-stage Startups/Ventures and provides mentorship, strategic partnerships & investments.