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AU | John Hu Migration Consulting |Being an Information technologist, yet have no idea where to immigrate?

Are any of your friends or yourself talented in information technology? Did you ever come up with the trouble of having no work chances in Hong Kong, therefore considering immigrating elsewhere? The most knowledgeable responses and advice in this aspect come from John Hu Migration Consulting, which will provide any suggestions you want to know. Follow the YouTube channel John Hu Migration Consulting. Let them sort out anything you need or want to know for you and get your immigrating plan fully prepared!

Immigration relates closely with Information Technology

IT professionals are highly desired in many immigration programs in Europe, America, Britain, and Australia, according to John Hu Migration Consulting after summarizing their prior experiences. They have a lot of opportunities to work and start businesses, so if one decides to immigrate to these nations, it will be rather simple. Every sector is deeply impacted by IT, including those addressed recently such as big data, cloud computing, Internet, etc. However, job prospects are few in Hong Kong as a result of the market here being relatively small and limited. Contrarily, in foreign nations like Silicon Valley in the United States, Canada, and Australia, where the relative demand for IT skills is higher, there are more employment prospects and even more opportunities for professional growth. As a result, there is a trend in Hong Kong where IT professionals are hoping to immigrate to other nations in order to expand their company and careers.

In which countries do IT professionist benefit the most?

In reality, IT professionals are treated with tones of benefits wherever they go. For instance, certain start-up businesses can apply to the Startup Program in Canada. Additionally, Canada is geographically adjacent to the United States, making it very easy to expand into the US market. Another example can be Australia, a recent immigration initiative called Global Talent Independent (GTI), which is also highly well-liked by IT experts, was introduced. The application of this immigration program may be approved in a short period of time—roughly half a year, clearly proving how convenient it would be to become a permanent resident. In conclusion, IT professionals are in a position to apply for immigration with complete benefit.

Any suggestions for people who are planning for immigration?

The recommendation made by John Hu Migration Consulting is that IT professionals pay close attention to producing a CV when applying for immigration since this resume determines the highlight of your IT achievements. IT professionals can apply for skilled immigration as well as entrepreneurial immigration. IT talents really do have an advantage if they pick entrepreneurial immigration because it is relatively simpler to successful appliaction and you can incorporate your personal IT talents and business ideas.

In addition to the immigration guidance that John Hu Migration Consulting provided to IT talents, he ultimately indicated that if certain IT friends felt that there was little room for IT growth in Hong Kong, they may expand their career outside of the city. Greater advantages might result from this, whether in terms of employment or commercial potential.

Information of John Hu Migration Consulting

For many years, John Hu immigration consulting have offered a range of immigration visa services to customers in Australia, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and European nations, including skilled immigration, family immigration, investment immigration, and entrepreneurial immigration. In addition to offering free phone evaluations, they only accept qualified candidates, ensuring their success and earning them a positive reputation among their clientele. They offer a wide range of services to satisfy the demands of their clients in the immigration field, including international immigration and relocation services, education, job searching, company establishment and acquisition overseas, as well as other expert services.

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