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In the last episode, John Hu Migration Consulting talked about the difference between the lives of immigrants in Australia and Portugal.  In this episode, John invites Gary, who has immigrated to Brisbane for four years with John’s help.  John then invited Gary to share his life from applying to move to the present.

Land-and-House package in Australia

Gary is very happy to introduce that the house he lives in is built by himself, because it is almost impossible to build a house in Hong Kong, but it is possible in Australia.  When the Gary family arrived in Australia, they looked for land, and after buying the land, they looked for a builder to build it for us.  Looking for a reputable builder, but unfortunately, the builder they found initially promised to build for them, but for some reason they suddenly refused.  In the end, they looked for another well-known builder who was also willing to build houses for them.  They sign a contract in February 2019, and officially build a house for us in September.  They build a swimming pool at home because it is very important to build a swimming pool in Queensland, which is relatively hot and the pool usage rate is relatively high.  The house will be officially built in October. Even though there is a Christmas in the middle of the project, in March 2020, the whole house has been built, but there are still some landscapes that have not yet been built, so we officially entered in July 2020.

He said that when the new house was built, his family and friends around him were very happy, because no one had ever tried the feeling of buying land and starting a house, and the house was able to fulfill everyone’s needs.  In the past, the living environment in Hong Kong was cramped, but now the space is so large that it is almost unimaginable. With a swimming pool, most Hong Kong people would consider it to be a dream house. It is really happy that this dream can be realized in Australia.


After that, John spoke about Gary’s children studying in Australia.  Gary pointed out that his three children are very happy to study in Australia. The academic pressure in Australia is relatively light, and they have more time for whole-person development and free learning. They can do what they wants to, such as his children like to play the piano and sing, and also like video editing.  There is no time at all in Hong Kong. The homework pressure in Hong Kong is very high. It is impossible to take time to do what you want to do and give children space, but in Australia, you can definitely do it.

John laughed and said that Gary used the word “happy” many times in the interview, and he could definitely feel that Gary was enjoying his life in Australia.  Gary recently had a gathering in Brisbane with some John Hu Migration Consulting group mates, and made new friends through John’s foreign immigrant group.


 Gary said that for new immigrants, life in Brisbane will of course encounter many difficulties, and many things do not know who to call for help, and the group established by John can help new immigrants adapt to Australia living. He can get information from the group, now it is more possible to meet, and chat with Australian HongKong people. He can have a closer relationship here, and the group members in the group exchange much more information than before.  In a strange place, he expects to have some friends in a strange place, and there will be no loneliness anymore.

Gary agrees with what John said. He has used many times to describe his life in Brisbane as happy. There is not much pressure in life, no matter in consumption, interpersonal, and many aspects of life.  Last time, Gary’s neighbor gave Gary his own bananas, and he felt happy and established a good interpersonal and social relationship.


 John mentioned that Gary has lived in Australia for four years and is now assisting with his colleagues to apply for permanent residence, and asked him how he felt about the one-stop service.

Gary believes that it is very important to choose the right immigration company, and he is very grateful to John’s company for assisting in applying for the 188 visa to the current 888 visa.  However, his friend was not that smooth. When applying for the 188B visa, the fees and handling issues were not very smooth, and the guidelines were not clear enough.  When they apply for 188B visa to Australia, their immigration company refused to apply 888B visa for them, which is relatively unfortunate and troublesome.

In conclusion 

John emphasized that his company adheres to the spirit of service, will be responsible for customers, follow up to the end, complete the application for permanent residence, and let customers know each other in the application customer group.  Gary believes that without the connection of the immigration company, some new immigrants in Brisbane cannot be connected together, and he’s very grateful to him.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of John Hu Migration Consulting.

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