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Due to the raging epidemic in recent years, Hong Kong people are not able to travel, but the number of Hong Kong people’s immigration is increasing. Australia is one of the most popular immigration countries for Hong Kong people. In this episode, YouTuber Jeff will introduce the Brisbane Primary and Secondary School Network Kenmore Treetops.

Super School Network

Treetops has a superb school network with top schools at both primary and secondary levels. And the distance from the school is very close, the driving time is about 5 minutes. Jeff mentioned a tip, kenmore schools are able to use sales contract to enroll. Of course, it is necessary to send an email to the school to inquire according to your own situation. In addition to primary and secondary schools, it is also very convenient to travel to and from the famous University of Queensland.

Design Developers

The design developer is Metro home, which has more than 10 years of experience in local development, and has developed more than 50 projects in Australia, and is mainly focused on townhouse projects. The project is divided into four phases, with a total of 90 units, the first phase has about 30 units. All units are designed with four rooms as the standard, some are two-storey design, some are three-storey design. Most of the units in Treetop are designed in a very square and practical way.


The Kenmore area is built near a hill and there are many famous attractions nearby. YouTuber Jeff went to Mount coot-Tha and showed us a lot of beautiful scenery and gave some advice on leisure life. In addition, from treetop, you can drive as fast as 5 minutes to the nearest shopping mall, and there are three different shopping centers for you to choose from within a 10-minute drive. Moreover, Treetop’s buildings are waterproof and resistant to snakes, insects and rodents.

Basic property information (for reference only)

Internal size 134-142 sqm

Total area 231-250 sqm

Price from $970,000

Body Corp. ~4160/yr

Estimated Completion date 2023 Q2-Q3

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