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Hongkongers can now use the 485 Visa to become Australian permanent residents. As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is famous for Steve Irwin’s world-famous Australia Zoo, unique underground opera house, the 1982 Commonwealth Games, lamingtons, koalas, and more. Jeff showed us two different types of apartments in Brisbane that are suitable for parents and their children. Both of these apartments come with a lot of helpful services as well.

485 Convenient Property Investment Plan

International students may not be able to move into their home before school starts, so they would have to rent a place to live sometimes. It is difficult to rent an apartment in Australia when you are in another country, so the first category of the 485 Convenient Property Investment Plan is accommodation arrangements, with rental service or free seven-day accommodation for two. The rental service helps you find suitable rental properties in the local area according to your budget and requirements, while the free seven-day double accommodation provides you a free apartment within 10 kilometers of the city center for one week. The second category is home services: free building inspection and closing and at least three-hour door opening service. If you still haven’t arrived in Brisbane for the apartment inspection, the company offers this service where they help you with inspection, so you can move in as soon as you arrive in Brisbane. The company also helps you purchase and move some basic furniture, such as a bed. The third category is a one-day family trip in Brisbane. The company tours around Brisbane, allowing you to fit into the community as easily as possible. The company also takes you to different areas to at least let you familiarize with the area, such as where the bank, supermarket or good restaurants are. The final category is the exclusive offers of different properties.

The Ambrose

The Ambrose is in Milton, half a kilometer from the city center and 30 minutes from the CBD area. Its property developer is Cotteparker, a large-scale and well-known architectural firm. Here are some details about The Ambrose.

  • 20 floors and 192 apartments in total, consists of one-room to three-room apartments
  • Exterior has a streamlined design, and the prominent materials inside the apartments look very luxurious with the high-quality and branded furnitures
  • Garden and infinity pool on the roof, facing the scenario of Brisbane City
  • Nearby buildings are relatively new and nearby roads are relatively wide
  • 20-minute drive or boat ride from the famous University of Queensland and QUT Gardens Point Campus
  • Two-minute walk from the train station, which is the most important traffic area in the CBD and allows you to go anywhere in Queensland
  • The Brisbane Live Entertainment Arena is a large infrastructure project next to the railway station, and includes a new international performance venue for celebrities to hold concerts and perform
  • The Ambrose school network is great. Its primary school network is Milton State School, which has an overall score of 96; its secondary school network is Kelvin Grove State College, which ranks fifth in Brisbane. 
  • The Ambrose’s construction is expected to be completed in July 2022
  • The price of a small apartment (610 square feet) with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one parking space will cost at least 610,000 AUD. An apartment of about 820 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and one parking space will cost at least 800,000 AUD
  • This property is included in the 485 Convenient Property Investment Plan, so owners will enjoy the special services and offers listed above

Ethereal Residence

Ethereal Residence is at Indooroopilly, and consists of two- or three-bedroom apartments. Here are some details about the Ethereal Residence.

  • White exterior design
  • Its terrain is the highest in its district – the highest floor even has the view of Brisbane City. Its ventilation, environment and privacy are quite high
  • Although Etheral’s overall materials are not of the highest quality, the interior furniture is of the best brands. Since the design is based on comfort instead of luxury, the price is cheaper than other properties in the same area
  • The quality and security of residents in this area are the best in Brisbane
  • Its strongest attraction is its school network: the primary school network is Ironside State School (perfect overall rating) while the secondary school network is Indooroopilly State High School (fourth in Queensland)
  • Five-minute drive from the University of Queensland and six-minute walk from the train station
  • Many shops that sell daily necessities are located behind the train station. Nearby is the Indooroopilly Shopping Center, the largest mall in West Brisbane. It has entertainment facilities such as cinemas and Asian supermarkets. 
  • An apartment with ​​two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two parking spaces is about 87 square meters and costs at least 615,000 AUD
  • An apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two parking spaces is about 159 square meters and costs at least 1.3 million AUD
  • Ethereal Residence’s construction is expected to be completed in late 2023


Many Hongkongers who immigrated to Australia are not sure whether they should purchase a property as soon as possible or wait until they receive their PR. Jeff explained that it depends on your budget and future life plans, so we must be cautious when we invest in real estate.

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