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Australia | YouTube Live In Au | Jeff Strongly Recommends Living in These Two Districts in Brisbane!

As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is famous for Steve Irwin’s world-famous Australia Zoo, unique underground opera house, the 1982 Commonwealth Games, lamingtons, koalas, and more. Since Jeff has a few friends who received investment immigration nominations from the Australian government and are planning to migrate to Brisbane, he selected two comfortable districts, Kedron and Chermside, to analyze and encourage them to consider living there.

Kedron State High School 

Kedron State High School is an elite school with an overall score of 95 and is ranked 10th in Brisbane. Its school network covers Kedron, Wooloowin, Kalinga and Gordon Park. The Kedron SHS campus not only has a standard indoor sports field and four indoor basketball courts, but also a massive grass field to host student activities. Property developers and real estate agents often use Kedron SHS and its school network as attractions when selling the nearby properties. The geographical location of this area is also great, with convenient public transportation to basically anywhere in Brisbane. Kedron SHS is also close to Lutwyche Station, a large transit station. The city center is at most 14 minutes away by car, bus, or train. It only takes ten minutes to go to the airport, and therefore, perfect for those who often travel for work. Jeff recommends buying properties on the side roads instead of the main road because the passing cars might generate noise nuisance if you live on the main road. The nearby park has a bicycle trail called the Kedron Brook BikeWay, which was built along a small aqueduct river and reaches a lot of areas in Brisbane.

Chermside State High School

Ranked 12th in Brisbane, Chermside State High School is located in Chermside, a popular area for the locals. Chermside Westfield is a mall near Chermside SHS and is among the top three largest shopping malls in Australia in terms of the number of stores. More than 15 million people go there every year, and it becomes even more crowded during weekends. This mall not only provides necessities for locals, but also luxury and entertainment. In recent years, the area surrounding the mall has gradually become a residential area. It takes 40 minutes by bus to get to the city center and 20 minutes to drive out of the city.


A Swiss academy recently conducted a study which focuses on residents in different cities and compares their dependence on technology and its convenience. The Brisbane government used technology to improve the pandemic, making it one of the earliest cities in Australia to lift the lockdown. As a result, Brisbane’s ranking rose by 14 in the past two years. Please use LINE or WeChat to contact Jeff for any questions about these two districts!

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