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Australia | YouTube Live In Au | What You Should Expect After Migrating to Australia

Melbourne and Sydney used to be the most popular cities for Hongkongers to migrate to, but Brisbane and Perth on the Gold Coast are now becoming popular as well. Immigration requires a new understanding of life and adapting to the new environment because the geography, the weather, and the overall lifestyle in each Australian city could completely differ from each other. There might even be a huge difference in the lifestyle in the same city, depending on whether you live in an urban area or a remote area.

Jeff’s Inspiration

Each city in Australia has something different and unique to offer to you and your family. Jeff lived in Castle Hills when he arrived in Sydney initially. He immediately agreed once he learnt that he could live in a 5,000-square-foot mansion, but realized that it was very inconvenient after two weeks of living there. He even had some emotional instability after two months, and decided to quickly move to an urban area close to central Sydney instead. He advises other immigrants to be careful and do a lot of research to find the perfect place for you and your family.

Understand Your New Life

Understanding is one of the most important things when you migrate to Australia. Compared to the fast-paced life in Hong Kong, life in Australia is arguably more relaxed. Most Australians have their own lifestyle and often do things slowly, so living in Australia requires patience. While working in Australia might not be as efficient as in Hong Kong, life in Australia is generally less stressed than life in Hong Kong. The second thing to understand is yourself and your partner. Couples who come to Australia have to overcome many challenges and obstacles together. They would often argue as they know each other better and have different methods of solving problems. Even if they have a common goal, they might quarrel over the smallest things. When one is in a new environment, they have to adapt and learn. Therefore, when you come to live in Australia, you must be mentally prepared to understand yourself.

Move On From Your Past 

In order to thrive in Australia, one has to let go of the past. Your previous attitude towards life might not be suitable for the new environment, and your actual life in Australia would definitely differ from your expectations. You might have to change your personal principles, such as your perspective on different work and lifestyle. The opportunities and types of jobs in Australia are not necessarily the same as those in Hong Kong. It is actually quite difficult for one who has no work experience in Australia to obtain their same old job here. After you come to Australia, you must expect yourself to switch careers and find a new job. Furthermore, the social structure and economy in Australia are mostly supported by small- and medium-sized enterprises. Countless people run small businesses to support themselves, such as opening cafes or getting a license for water and electricity fixtures. The cost of living and working in Australia is relatively low, so small businesses can maintain their profit easily. Migrating to Australia is also about keeping an open mind. You have to consider what businesses or interests could potentially become your future career. Most importantly, you have to let go of the idea of social construct and disparity. You may have obtained huge success in Hong Kong, but you have to be mentally prepared to find a job that doesn’t pay as well when you come to Australia. The salary gap between jobs in Australia is small, so the concept of social class does not actually exist here. Although your salary in Australia is not as high as in Hong Kong, you can absolutely obtain happiness as long as you let go of your sense of superiority.


Jeff expresses that the creativity and perseverance of Hongkongers give them great advantages in Australia. He explains that Hongkongers are born to be more competitive and often know how to do things more efficiently, and the experience of living in such a competitive city gives us the ability to solve any problems in Australia. Your happiness in Australia, however, depends on your willingness to give.

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