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Australia | Youtuber Kimmy | Australian Sze Nai shares her job seeking experience 

Many people think that every aspect of their lives would change tremendously after they migrate overseas. Finding the first local job is a big challenge for countless people, especially when they do not have friends or someone they know there. In fact most of the time, people would need to try and accept changes in order to make their first step in their career. YouTuber Australian Sze Nai will share with you her job seeking experience in Melbourne, Australia, as well as her experience being a homestay host. Don’t forget to check out YouTuber channel 澳洲師奶多多事幹 to learn more!

Friends’ Job Seeking Experience

Australian Sze Nai shared the job seeking experience of two of her friends’ families:

  • A 3-man family migrated to Melbourne:

The wife worked in the finance industry back then in Hong Kong. She successfully found a job in a large local bank two weeks after migration. Even though her rank in occupation is not as high as her job in Hong Kong, the biggest difference is that her job bonuses significantly shrunk.

The husband found a job as an IT consultant, which was the same as his position in Hong Kong, after 18 months. While he was seeking a job, he worked as a full-time father, sometimes a uber driver, and performed forex trading. He got invited by head hunters twice to join new companies after working in his first job. Now his salary is considerable.

  • A 4-man family migrated to Sydney:

The wife worked in local bank back office, which was the same as her job in Hong Kong.

The husband worked as an ambulanceman back then in Hong Kong. Alas being an ambulanceman in Australia requires a corresponding degree. Soon he accepted his wife’s suggestion and successfully became a postman. The job does not give high salary, but employees are given a considerable amount of welfare. Employees work for 38 hours weekly, which is 8 hours daily on average. Those working overtime are offered additional salary and meal allowances. After working overtime for more than 3 hours, employees are given double salary. In addition, employees enjoy annual leave of 4 weeks and casual leave of 10 days.

Australian Sze Nai’s family

When Australian Sze Nai’s family first migrated to Melbourne, her husband ran an online business. The business was running smoothly, but he thought the Australian policy did not offer enough protection for sellers. The husband decided to move back to Hong Kong. Since then, Australian Sze Nai had to look after her kids on her own. She worked as a personal assistant back then in Hong Kong, and became a full-time housewife in Melbourne. Aside from looking after her kids, she helped out in a second-hand uniform store in a local school as voluntary work, in which she sold unwanted second-hand uniforms to needy families.

Homestay Host Experience

In addition to the voluntary work mentioned above, Australian Sze Nai has been a homestay host. She provided accommodation and meals to overseas students that came to Australia. She got the idea when she learned that some of her parent friends were doing this kind of work. Also, the former owner of her house is a homestay host as well, which enabled her house to run homestay business. Australian Sze Nai said that her target was male students when she first started the business. She thought male students would not use as much water as female students do. Also, she thought male students are not as picky as female students in terms of meals. She has accepted overseas students from different countries, including Mainland China, Japan, etc. She confessed that she felt slightly pressured while being a homestay host. This is because she had to prepare meals for the guests, as well as thinking of different dishes to make for meals. She did not want to be too casual when guests were present. On the other hand, Australian Sze Nai considered being a homestay host as an escape from worries when she was too concerned about her kids. Moreover, she thought it was a great opportunity for cultural exchange. Her kids got to learn a bit of different languages while the students themselves were able to learn more about Melbourne and Australian culture.

First Part-time Job in Australia

Australian Sze Nai has been a homestay host until 2018, when her husband decided to migrate to Melbourne and live with them. As her children grew older, she thought perhaps it was time to find a real job. As she wanted jobs that could have the same holidays as her kids, she decided to apply for school positions, but she did not receive any responses. Later, her friends told her the competition for school positions was intense since many parents shared similar thoughts with her. In addition, schools preferred applicants they knew when they chose applicants. She knew that she did not have anyone she knew working in schools. It was then when the school where Australian Sze Nai’s sister’s kids were studying was recruiting a principal assistant. Australian Sze Nai thought it would not hurt to try and apply for the position, especially when she had time at the moment. The position was a full-time one. At first, Australian Sze Nai wanted her husband to help her look after the kids. However, her husband changed his mind again and decided to stay in Hong Kong, which meant Australian Sze Nai could not find full-time positions. She had declined the school’s second round interview offer. Fortunately, the school was very considerate that they gave Australian Sze Nai a part-time position offer, as well as accepting her special requirement in working hours. Although the job did not have a high salary, the position name made her feel proud. Also, it was the first time she found a job in Australia. She just wanted to acquire work experience. So Australian Sze Nai accepted the offer. After one year of work, the school wanted Australian Sze Nai to switch to full-time employment. Australian Sze Nai could not do so due to time constraints. She left the position. Since then, she began her career as a YouTuber.

Australian Sze Nai mentioned in her video that, immigrants should try different industries and positions, regardless of the work type, when they seek jobs overseas. Local employers value local work experience more. Having someone you know is indeed one of the important factors. She also shared her experience as a homestay host, which gave immigrants an inspiration. Hong Kong people who are interested in migrating to Melbourne should definitely check out the video themselves for more details.

澳洲師奶多多事幹 information

The channel was created by a Sze Nai that migrated to Melbourne from Hong Kong. YouTuber Australian Sze Nai would like to share her experience and usual life in Australia.

澳洲師奶多多事幹 will share with you some clips on how to integrate into the local Australian culture, and continue to carry forward the spirit of Hong Kong people in different places, knowing how to drink, eat and play. Due to the limited power of one’s own efforts, netizens are also welcome to provide information that can help other Hong Kong people integrate into Australian culture.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the Youtube channel 澳洲師奶多多事幹.

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