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Canada | John Hu Migration Consulting | From A Computer Programmer In Hong Kong to A Successful Entrepreneur In Canada

The protagonist of this story, client A, is a client of John Hu Migration Consulting. Client A was initially a computer programmer in Hong Kong but wasn’t too happy about his life, so he had the idea of leaving Hong Kong and migrating to another country. He got bored programming every day, and he understood that the life he sought was different and more fruitful. One day, he finally decided to consult John Hu, a professional immigration consultant. Check out how John helps client A migrate to and start a business in Canada!

Unsatisfied With Past Life

When people think about the computer programming industry, they usually think of high salaries and benefits but ignore the fact that computer programmers often work overtime. Client A heard that others in the computer programming industry immigrated to foreign countries, so he wanted to see if it was possible for him to immigrate as well. He actually didn’t think he could immigrate before he talked to John, who completely boosted Client A’s confidence and changed his point of view. 

The Planning Process

Client A confided all his thoughts and concerns to John. John asked Client A about his interests or life goals, and then introduced a program in Canada that was suitable for Client A with low barriers of entry. Although this program required Client A to make considerable changes in his life to manage a business, it fit Client A’s dreams and budget very well. In the beginning, Client A thought that he only knew how to write computer codes, that his ideas and eloquence were not sufficient enough to manage a business. Then, Client A and John spent the entire day talking and trying to find a business idea for him. After learning about Client A’s sciatic nerve problems caused by his incorrect sitting posture, John suggested that he can make use of his computer skills and knowledge to build an office chair that avoids people from sitting incorrectly. Because this program was within his budget, Client A eventually accepted the proposal. John immediately prepared an official and detailed business proposal for Client A the next day. He and his colleagues followed up efficiently afterwards.

Client A Today

After receiving the business proposal, Client A often participated in different projects. While he waited for the PR approval, he continued to work hard, manage his business, and earn as much money as he could in Hong Kong. He approached his goal step by step, and his workload was actually significantly less than what he imagined. John promised that he would not have to worry about any procedures after he arrived in Canada, and that any problems would be taken care of by John. Furthermore, John Hu Migration Consulting contacted many immigrants who are doing similar start-up work and management businesses in Canada, introducing them to Client A to expand his local social network. If a client ever struggles to manage their business, John Hu Migration Consulting provides entrepreneurial support for them.


Client A expressed that immgration is much easier than he imagined, although it does require a certain amount of hard work and effort. Immigratin and starting a business in a foreign country may not be as difficult and hard as one might imagine. Similar to Client A, anyone can find their entrepreneurial opportunities from their interests and life goals.

John Hu Migration Consulting Information

John Hu Migration Consulting provides professional services for investment, entrepreneur and skilled migration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and other European countries. The firm has a professional team of registered and experienced immigration attorneys and consultants to serve its clients well.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of John Hu Migration Consulting.

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