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Canada | John Hu Migration Consulting | Start-Up Visa Client Shares Her Profit-Making Experience

Many people believe that migrating to another country is difficult, and starting a business is even more difficult, meaning that doing both at the same time would be extremely challenging. Turns out, as long as you have the correct method and suitable guidance, even beginners can earn money through start-up migration. John Hu Migration Consulting invited a client of theirs who applied for a Start-up Visa to share her experience with migration and setting up a business in Canada. Keep an eye on the YouTube Channel of John Hu Migration Consulting, where you can find answers to your enquiries regarding migration.

Why Start a Business Solo?

When most people think about starting a business, they think of forming a team and working together with a group of people. However, Askew, an applicant for the Canadian Start-up Visa, chose to fly solo. She decided to start a business by herself because of her decisive personality, which made her more suitable to work alone than be a team player. Besides factors regarding personality, John Hu from John Hu Migration Consulting suggested that it is better to find teammates that know each other well and can complement one another to form a genuine team. On the other hand, forming a team with unfamiliar people will drastically increase the risk of failing as the failure of one person is enough to bring down the entire team. If a team member suddenly bails or decides to quit, the chances of being rejected while applying for a Visa would be much higher. 

Difficulties and Help Received When Starting a Start-up

There are many hurdles on the road to setting up a business, and Askew believed that one of the big challenges, when it came to starting a start-up, was changing from the mindset of a regular nine-to-five employee to that of an entrepreneur and coming up with a business plan. Fortunately, she was able to receive assistance from John when she was devising her own business plan, and in the process was able to recognise her target customer and revenue source. Besides help from John, a business incubator from Canada also provided her with useful insight into the Canadian market, such as the opinions of Canadians and the local culture, which deepened her understanding of the market. As starting a business is a long journey, there are a lot of goals that need to be accomplished on the way. Therefore, the business incubator would do a regular review every twelve weeks to make sure that everything was right on track and certain key performance indicators (KPI) were met, such that achievements could be made step by step instead of needing to meet a big target at the start.

Another obstacle in starting a business would be one’s mental strength. Askew mentioned that when it came to launching a start-up, your determination would be your own motivation as no one would urge you to submit your proposal or tell you what the next meeting would be about. Therefore, it is imperative to have a burning passion and love for what you are doing for you to carry on and improve. Or else, it would be easy to become lazy and lack any motivation.

Progress in Seven Months

Within seven months, Askew had finished setting up a website mainframe, acquired the proof of concept in the business plan, tested the feasibility of the business proposal through interviews, and even developed the minimum viable product (MVP) of a learning platform. During her trial processes, she also found some clients and was able to generate income.

Settlement Service from John Hu Migration Consulting

In the process of migrating to Canada, Askew used the settlement service provided by John Hu Migration Consultant, and was lucky to get help from Chris, a settlement assistant in Vancouver, who not only aided Askew in finding a place that was near her office to live in, but also answered Askew’s enquiries regarding living in Canada such as if there were any public transports near her house, the transition of car licenses, quarantine arrangement, etc. Chris also recommended a list of apps for ordering takeaways to Askew. As living in Canada is basically as convenient as living in Hong Kong, Askew didn’t do much special preparation before migrating there.

John Hu Migration Consulting information

John Hu Migration Consulting is a leading immigration consultant in Hong Kong who pride themselves on providing unsurpassed migration and visa processing services for clients who wish to migrate to Australia, Canada, the UK or the US. Through such an advanced network, the specialist immigration consultant team at John Hu in Hong Kong assures seamless pre and post-application services for every client. These services include but are not limited to, the arrangement of exploratory trips to a destination country, education, and job seeking. Their expert team is well versed in assisting with the set-up of international business, acquisition of an overseas business, or any other business affairs.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the Youtube channel John Hu Migration Consulting.

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