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Canada | Popcon Factory | Richmond Hill 2000 square feet newly built cozy detached house with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets

We’ve seen many different buildings in Toronto before, and in this Popcon Factory episode, Youtuber Con Con tours a 2,000-square-foot newly built detached house located in the Richmond Hill area of ​​Toronto. The design among of the building, Youtuber Con Con believes it to be suitable for family usage! What’s the price of this type of house in this area? Can the whole house be easily rented out? Watch the video to get the answers.

Cozy independent house

This 2000-square-foot cozy detached house in York Mills comes with 4 bedrooms. The kitchen adopts a Gali-style open design, with a bar taking up the middle of the kitchen, and an open fire for cooking. The living room is equipped with a real fireplace, and the basement is equipped with an electronic version of the stove that imitates an open fire, generating pleasant warmth. With 9-foot-tall upper and lower floors, this home feels spacious. (For comparison, the average house height is usually 8 feet upstairs and 9 feet downstairs.)

In addition, Youtuber Con Con says that the master bedroom of this house is very large, including a cloakroom and an ensuite toilet with a standing shower and a bathtub. The atmosphere of the whole house is very warm and cozy – very suitable for a family.

Watch the video for more details. We hope the above Popcon Factory videos will help you learn more about real estate in Toronto. If you want to Immigrate to Canada, remember to watch the following Canada related information.

Information of Popcon Factory 

Youtuber Con Con is a Hong Kongers who enjoy living in different places. Because she likes to travel and wants to practice film editing, she started making videos to record her life.

Welcome to Con Con’s channel, Popcon Factory – For Concepts That Pop. Here’s the factory that turns all the crazy ideas of Con Con into reality. Con Con believes that creative ideas will pop up when you need them, like making popcorn. Therefore, Con Con hopes that everyone will subscribe and become “popcorners” to motivate her to show everyone different worlds.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the YouTube channel Popcon Factory.

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