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Denzity Insights: Emerging Property Markets In The United Kingdom With Gordon Franks

Emerging Property Markets In The United Kingdom With Gordon Franks

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Emerging Property Markets In The United Kingdom With Gordon Franks

In the past, we had an episode covering the United Kingdom real estate market, focusing on London. Since many investors are interested in regions outside of London in the United Kingdom, we’ve decided to invite Gordon, a real estate agent and mortgage broker, to share his insights on those regions. We have covered topics such as:

  • The areas overseas investors tend to invest in the United Kingdom
  • The areas that are overrated or underrated
  • The market outlook
  • And more.



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Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is a kind of tax that is imposed in the form of stamps on legal documents by the government while buying a property.

Capital Appreciation: Capital appreciation or capital gain is an increase in the value of any investment.

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