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ESG in Real Estate: Why it Matters

ESG is increasingly a necessity to any property stakeholder. What exactly is it, and how is it shaping the real estate industry as we know it?

In today’s episode, I sit down with Patty Ng and Rosaline Fu to talk about ESG in real estate. Patty and Rosaline are both professionals experienced in the application of ESG in the property sector, and they will share their insights as industry insiders, including experiences with big clients, and their outlook on what is to come.

What it means to be ESG is a large and complex discussion. In the case of real estate, that’s good news. The more elements of sustainability there are, the more pathways for ESG friendly solutions and applications.

At this moment, the E, or environment, of ESG, is the most emphasized, however, the social and governmental factors are still very important. Real estate companies are increasingly becoming aware that there are more ways to measure success than the finances, and incorporating all elements of the ESG initiatives equally are the best way.

With that said, there is a lot of work to be done in both public and private sectors to incentivize sustainable initiatives. While green buildings are already giving better yields and premiums, government and business group benefits to ESG focused firms would simultaneously drive growth and create a better world.

Stay tuned for our second episode of ESG, where we sit down with two local PropTech leaders, who discuss the implications for ESG in the startup world, and how it is remolding the real estate industry.

▶ About the guests:

Patty is the project lead of the sustainability division at Sedgwick Richardson, a design and sustainability consultancy with a strategic focus on the Asia Pacific region. With over eight years of project management experience, she dedicates her time to contract structuring, scheduling, planning, and management of numerous stakeholders to deliver a seamless project experience for her clients. 

Rosaline is a strategic consulting manager at Colliers, where with a sustainable approach she conducts market research and advisory projects related to retail study, residential development, data centre development, Tso Tong Land and brownfield matters, industrial development and more

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