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Finding clients: Online VS face-to-face?

Finding clients, online or offline? It is now easier to find clients and promote oneself, but on the other hand, the market is getting much more competitive. Let’s find out which way is better.

As real estate agents, we both hate and love the Internet. On one hand, it is now easier to find clients and promote oneself, but on the other hand, the market is getting much more competitive. The online way or the traditional way, which one is better? Let’s find out.

Face-to-face real estate expert

👍🏻Easier to secure clients

Usually, when clients come to consult you face-to-face, they’re not just “browsing around”, especially for making an important financial decision like real estate equity investments. They probably heard about you from a friend and did a little market comparison and research before they decide to talk to you. Clients do not want to waste their time and effort to compare many agents and agencies. In these cases, all you have to do is be prepared for the meeting, show the clients your expertise and share your professional experiences. If your first impression is good enough, the clients will probably hire you right away.

👎🏻Limited marketing channels

Traditional marketing channels for real estate experts can be limited. There are not a lot of platforms, like Denzity, for you to showcase your expertise or communicate with your potential clients. So, it can be challenging to find clients. All you can do is treat every job seriously and hope that your clients will introduce you to their friends.

Online real estate expert

👍🏻More room for you to shine

Social media is a whole new planet for you to explore. With social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, every individual can do their branding. Under this competitive environment, most real estate experts have a few areas of expertise, like Malaysia real estate market, Vietnam real estate equity investment, or feng shui. Agents can share their insights on these social media platforms and reach out to potential clients. Now there are even prop-tech platforms like Denzity where you can communicate with potential clients directly online. With the right techniques, you can get more exposure than ever.

👍🏻Easier communication

Online meeting technology has certainly improved greatly under the pandemic. It is now easy to do video calls no matter where you are, all you need is a stable Internet connection. You can easily communicate with your clients, answer their questions more promptly, and make a better impression. Agents can also join online real estate community groups to share their professional experiences and insights into real estate equity investment enthusiasts. Online communication allows agents to interact with other experts and learn from each other.

👎🏻Real estate agent market is more competitive

Clients can now browse the profile of thousands of real estate experts in like three hours with the Internet. This makes agents harder to stand out in the crowd. Yet, you can treat this as an opportunity to develop your specialty. Become an expert in a particular niche, like rental problems, oversea real estate equity investments, or immigration. This way you can attract more clients and stay competitive.

It is important to maintain your edge in this competitive environment. To do so, you have to invest in yourself. Be your public relations and marketing manager. Build your reputation by creating an online profile. Show the world what you’ve got. Join Denzity today and get your name listed on our extensive directory so that you can reach out to your potential clients. If you have anything particularly interesting you want to share, or you’re specialized in a certain area in real estate equity investment, let us know and maybe you will be the next real estate expert featured in our latest educational series Denzity Insights!