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Getting Smart With Publicity: Using the Media to Establish Your Brand Ft. Jo Lam

Welcome back. In our second episode with Jo Lam, we talk about your brand’s reputation. Whether a person or a company, how can you use how the public views your character and competence to your advantage?

Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are two figures that Jo uses as public reputation case studies. Is their reputation hurt by certain acts they have put on in public?

Yes. However, did this publicity ultimately help them in their respective political goals? Some would say yes as well. Not every example is as extreme as performing massive publicity stunts to raise campaign awareness or create a celebrity status, but they are helpful in realizing the difference between character and competence reputation.

As Jo puts it, brands and people need to leverage both in order to raise their overall reputation. Character reputation, on one hand, is how people feel about your attitude, kindness, and ability to work with people. Competence reputation, however, is about how good you can execute, meet KPI, and provide a profit. One can exist without the other.

For example, Amazon has made massive strides in e-commerce and is a now household name of business success. However, they are increasingly under fire for their character reputation, whether it is the treatment of warehouse workers or potential environmental impact. However, millions of people still use Amazon. In many cases, a strong competent reputation can overpower character reputation in the business.

In many cases, a strong competent reputation can overpower character reputation in the business.

Jo recommends that while you can adjust them up and down, it is best to create an image where you excel in both areas, and can provide for both the community and your clients. Watch the video above for more of his insights, and stay tuned for our third episode in our miniseries! Hope you enjoy it.

▶ About the guest:

Mr Lam went to Harrow Public School and Oxford University, receiving his Diploma in Law from the University of Law in 2012.

In 2015, Mr Lam officially became a practicing barrister in Hong Kong and practiced at Zhang O’Seo Great Law Firm, one of Hong Kong’s oldest barristers.

In November 2015, he stood for election to the Longxing District Council elections in Huang Daxian District. In 2017 and later, he pivoted more towards media and entertainment.

Most recently, only 2 months after joining the insurance industry, he has signed 30 policies in just two months (as of June of that year) as a financial planning consultant for Prudential in the UK, with an annual premium of HK$1 million.

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