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Hong Kong buildings with iconic Feng Shui features

Feng shui (“wind” and “water”) is the ancient Chinese art of arranging one’s environment to maximize positive energy and attract good luck. In Hong Kong, feng shui is taken seriously. For this reason, feng shui masters are regularly consulted on almost everything from home purchases and office locations; to the architectural and construction projects which have shaped Hong Kong’s skyline. Ever wondered how feng shui has influenced the city’s development? This article introduces you to 3 important Hong Kong buildings with iconic feng shui features.

Hong Kong buildings with iconic Feng Shui features

The HSBC Building
Built-in 1985, the HSBC Building is the headquarters of the British bank. It is located at 1 Queen’s Road Central and positioned with a clear view of the harbour. This landmark building is considered to have excellent feng shui, as water is associated with wealth and prosperity. Moreover, instead of a ground floor, the building has an open atrium where wind and positive energy can flow. The escalators in the atrium are placed at an angle to the entrance because evil spirits can only travel in a straight line based on feng shui beliefs. This design is to prevent negative energy from entering the building. In addition, a pair of bronze lions guard the entrance, symbolizing strength and prosperity.

The Repulse Bay
If you’ve ever been to Repulse Bay, you’ve probably noticed a building with a giant hole in the middle. The Repulse Bay is a luxury apartment complex in Hong Kong, and it is famous for the curious hole cut into the body of its façade. The hole is called Dragon Gate. In Chinese culture, dragons are symbols of nobility, strength, and vitality. Feng shui principles dictate that dragons pass from their mountainous homes to the water to drink. For this reason, anything which hinders this journey will give rise to bad luck. To remedy this, real estate developers create holes in the buildings close to the water so that dragons can pass through unimpeded! Repulse Bay is the most visually striking example of this.

International Financial Centre
As a global financial centre, Hong Kong is home to many financial institutions. It is no surprise that this tiny city is full of highly educated elites in finance. Believe it or not, the most well-educated and smartest people in the global Chinese society are also the people believing in feng shui most deeply! Both IFC One and IFC Two are claimed to be in accordance with feng shui principles. They are located on Victoria Harbourfront, and there are no obvious obstacles in the front. The strategic location already gives them an advantage as water represents wealth in feng shui. Thus, water in the harbour can flow into the buildings steadily. The iconic roof of Two IFC is designed to look like a crown, a symbol of its elite status. Like most major Hong Kong properties, ‘unlucky floors’ such as 14 and 24
are omitted since four is an ominous number.

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