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Hong Kong Immigration | UK vs Canada – Which to choose?

In recent years, the United Kingdom and Canada announced plans to facilitate immigration, inciting many Hong Konger to consider immigrating to these two places. However, many people may be rather unfamiliar with these two countries and cultures. In order to help you make decisions and adapt to a new life, we will compare the differences between Canada and the United Kingdom in terms of weather, hospitality, and entertainment factors.


The weather in Canada is relatively dry, and the four seasons are distinct. When it comes to dry weather, remember to choose some skin care products with strong moisturizing effects when living in Canada.

The weather in the UK is unpredictable and it rains all year round. The sun could be shining at one moment, and the next minute it may be pouring rain (kind of reminds one of Hong Kong, eh?). Therefore, raincoats and waterproof jackets are a must. In addition, the environment is relatively humid, similar to Hong Kong.


Canada is an immigrant country and features a variety of Asian populations, so it is less prone to discrimination. Moreover, after 1997, a large number of Hong Kong people immigrated to Canada, usually living in Vancouver and Toronto, which are the largest settlements of overseas Hong Kong Chinese.

In comparison, the UK has always suffered from a severe problem of xenophobia. In certain pockets of the community, it can be difficult for Asians to integrate. However, as more and more Hong Kongers have immigrated to the UK in the past few years, it’s becoming easier for them to find their tribe and fit in.


Canada is a vast land with four distinct seasons, and activities are mainly outdoors and related to nature. For example, you can enjoy flower-watching in spring, row boats on the lake in summer, watch maple leaves in autumn, and skii down snowy slopes in winter. Outdoor sports include hiking, basketball, cycling, etc.

In contrast, the UK has a stronger artistic inflection, and there are many cultural and artistic activities for the community to engage in or enjoy. These include visiting museums and enjoying musicals. Unlike Canada, where one finds an emphasis on outdoor activities, the UK can perfectly cater to those that seek to explore their minds indoors.


The UK and Canada each have their own advantages and you should choose the country that suits you based on your lifestyle and preferences. Besides the weather, hospitality and entertainment, there are more factors that you should consider. To learn more about the UK lifestyle, watch Cost of Living 2022|The UK vs. Hong Kong.

Whether or not you choose the UK or Canada as the next place to look for an overseas property, we hope these points help clarify what aspects of a country you should be clear about before investing in property. There is no one size fits all answer. 

Whatever is your preference, Denzity is here to help you make a better decision. Our Portal lists many overseas properties managed by trusted real estate companies all over the world. If there is a place to find your dream home this would be it! Watch out for upcoming videos that will take a deeper dive into the area. 

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