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How to be a successful real estate agent with digital marketing

As a property agent, you are more or less acting like an entrepreneur – from finding clients to establishing word-of-mouth – you need to continually change, adapt, and reinvent your marketing strategy for it to be effective. If you have been in the industry long enough, you may have experienced a significant shift in recent years. Real estate buyers are changing their way of buying or investing in a property, from newspaper to online market research. The rise of influencer marketing also highlights the importance of having a personal brand. To jump-start your digital marketing game, use the following 3 tips to get the results you’re seeking:

#1 Create your content
As a property agent, you are a brand to yourself. To build trust, you need to establish yourself as a real estate expert. Traditionally, this can be done by attending offline events, meeting clients in coffee shops or giving out leaflets and brochures. Yet, technology has changed the way we interact and communicate. Building an online presence is more important than ever. You can do so by producing useful online content and sharing your knowledge through social media. Remember, being consistent is the key. It takes time for people to discover your content initially, but when you produce useful content consistently, people will appreciate it. Once they see you as a professional and trustable property expert, it’s easier for you to start business relationships with them. 

#2 Interact with your followers
No one likes one-way communication! Your online presence is telling potential customers who you are. To interact with your followers frequently, I’m sure no one wants their real estate agents to be indifferent and not responsive. Being active makes people want to interact with you more, and it’s easier for you to build relationships with them in the long run. Potential or interested clients may drop you a message directly. So make sure you reply to them promptly. You can also ask questions to get a discussion going. This is an excellent way to drive engagement and attract prospects.

#3 Explore different platforms
There are multiple social media platforms that you can make use of: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…you name it. Explore different platforms and understand their differences. For example, YouTube is an excellent channel for video marketing. If you’re good at making videos, go for it! Once again, it takes time and effort to establish an excellent online presence, so be patient. But the beauty of digital marketing is that the potential is endless! You can attract way more prospects online than traditional marketing efforts with the right strategy and tactics.

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