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Immigrants good living | [Episode 3] Australia vs Portugal The Good Life Competition

During Mr. Hu’s past 20 years of work, he has been to 20 different countries. He experienced their local life and how to enjoy life, So he shared his personal experience and views through Good Living Program.

Good Life in Australia

Australia has beautiful natural scenery and a strong sporting culture. People value the balance between life and work, working hard and playing hard. There is a relatively spacious and comfortable living environment.

Good life in Portugal

The climate and landscape of Portugal are very pleasant, and the local people speak English and are very kind. Europeans yearn for Portugal because of the relatively more comfortable living environment. Many people in Hong Kong apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa because they need to stay in Portugal for 7 days a year to retain their permanent residence status.

Information about Mr Hu

John Hu Migration Consulting has a team of senior immigration and business consultants, and has partners in popular immigration countries such as Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, providing customers with professional information such as immigration conditions, taxation and property.

Mr. Hu is a registered immigration consultant in Australia. He has been engaged in immigration for more than 20 years. He has numerous successful immigration cases such as investment immigration, corporate immigration, skilled immigration, entrepreneurial immigration, and property purchase immigration.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of John Hu Migration Consulting 胡康邦移民顧問.

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