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Introducing Denzity Insights

Introducing Denzity Insights

We’d like to tell you about the launch of our upcoming video series – Denzity Insights.

Denzity Insights is an educational-focused series where we interview Experts worldwide for their tips and insights to give you a better idea of how the real estate industry works. Experts (such as real estate agents, brokers, developers, world-class investors, transactional advisors, and more) can break down any myths and misunderstandings for you. You should expect to find quality insights that aren’t often part of the daily news cycle and hard to find via the web.

Among the wide-ranging subjects, we cover topics such as what’s the real estate markets like from across the world, things to be aware of during real estate investing, and some interesting topics in real estate, such as PropTech, Real Estate Fractional ownership, Sustainability in Real Estate, and how Fung Shui impacts on real estate.

We will start posting a new episode every Thursday.

We absolutely love doing these interviews and we hope you will enjoy the video series!