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Malaysia | How to choose an auspicious day for moving in?

In Chinese customs, the new residence is also called “the joy of housewarming”, which is a major event in life. So, no matter if it is simple or grand, you should prepare some ceremonies and pray for good luck and health in the future. You should also pay attention to the feng shui of moving in, so that you can live in peace in the future without worrying about problems such as fortune being affected.

From feng shui’s point of view, the aura varies from month to month. Therefore, you should choose the auspicious days carefully when you move, do auspicious things at auspicious times, and bring luck to your family, so that the whole family can live and work in peace and contentment.

How to choose the auspicious day for your new home?

The ceremony of entering a new home will vary according to different religions, places of origin, folk customs, personal and real estate feng shui, etc., but the most important thing is to choose a good day and an auspicious day – even the time must be auspicious!

During the 12 months of the year, people generally avoid the third month of the lunar calendar (Qingming Festival) and the seventh month of the lunar calendar (the Ghost Festival).

At the same time, the sixth month of the lunar calendar happens to be in the middle of the year, when the aura is relatively turbulent, so some feng shui masters will suggest not to carry out labor-intensive things such as moving in this month.

How to choose an auspicious day for moving?

Generally speaking, we will take the folk encyclopedia – “Tongsheng” as the criterion. It is a reference for the daily life of traditional Chinese, which records auspicious days, solar terms and daily taboos.

In “Tongsheng”, there are words like “relocate” and “bed setting” under the word “yi”, which means that the day is suitable for moving in and setting up a bed. Being suitable for “moving in” means that the day is suitable for a new family to move in, so you can choose to officially move into your new home on these days.

Next, you must also compare the days suitable for “moving in”, “installing a bed” or “moving in” with the zodiac signs of your family members living in the new house to see if there is any conflict. If their zodiac signs are in conflict, they should be asked to avoid participating in the move in ceremony.

How to choose when to move auspiciously?

Choose the auspicious day, then choose the auspicious time. “Tongsheng” will use the color red to mark the “auspicious” times, while representing the unlucky times with the color black, so you should try to avoid them.

Of course, if you don’t know much about these, you can consult a professional numerology and Feng Shui master. Get advice from them, so that you can be safe to move in!

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