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Malaysia | Estate123 | 5 Ways To Sell “Unwanted” Properties in Malaysia

Not all properties are created equal, what more when it has already gone through more than one owner or unfortunate incident. Some properties in Malaysia are harder to sell when put up onto the market, as buyers may be wary of its condition, surroundings, or history. However, for experienced real estate agents, nothing is impossible. Here are 5 ways from experts on how to close a deal on these hard-to-sell “unwanted” properties in Malaysia:

#1 Be honest with the buyer

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to these kinds of properties. Buyers have the right to know about any significant incidence or violent crime that has happened in the property, and it also reflects on the real estate agent’s good character and integrity when they do not try to hide the truth in order to close a sale.

#2 Understand the buyer’s needs

It is vital that the real estate agent understands the buyer’s needs, and provides them useful recommendations or alternatives to meet their requirements, be it personal preferences or budget. A good way to is to start off by asking the buyer these 10 questions in order to be on the same page.

#3 Reduce asking price

Just like buying clothes from the clearance rack, if the property is cheaper than market price, somebody is more likely to buy it despite the flaws. For example, a person who doesn’t believe in ghosts is more likely to buy ‘haunted’ property at a discounted price than a person who fears the supernatural.

#4 Highlight positive aspects

Another way to close a deal on a “stubborn property”is to highlight its positive aspects instead of lingering on the negative features. For example, a smelly property may stink from the outside, but the inside is perfectly normal; or that a property next to a construction site will increase in value once the construction is complete (e.g. MRT station).

#5 Discuss with owner to fix the problem

Sometimes, all it takes is a little discussion to iron things out between the buyer and seller. Call in an exorcist or buy a heavy-duty air purifier if you must; taking a look at the situation from a different perspective might help solve your problem and land you a successful deal.

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