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Marketing Funnel For Real Estate Professionals with 4HK

This is one of many parts of our full interview with 4HK, our trusted marketing agency. Grasp the broad strokes that are key to understanding digital marketing – specifically how to use it for the real estate sector. We break the episodes up so you can find specific titles that may interest you. 4HK is a boutique advertising agency setting out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. Beside offering marketing solutions to startups and SMEs, they host workshops to teach entrepreneurs & founders how to grow their businesses. The founders Patrick and Andrew are also co-founders of LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focusing on early-stage ventures.

▶ Key Points:

Marketing Funnel
Attract the Right Audience
Performance Tracking
We hope you will have a better idea of how digital marketing works after this episode and be able to take your business to the next level.

▶ Our Thoughts of this episode:

The marketing funnel is a simple but powerful concept. I am glad the 4HK team has touched on this subject. Also, I like the analogy of going to shopping malls to find a shop that sells sneakers. Using this analogy can help you think about the necessary steps it would take to attract the right audiences. My advice for you on this topic is to draw out the whole marketing funnel on a whiteboard and think clearly how to take your target audiences from one layer to another. From the exercise, you might start thinking strategies like “how does my prospect be interested to learn or find out?” or “how to track the performance”. Fascinating stuff!

▶ About the guest:

Andrew and Patrick co-founded the boutique advertising agency (4HK). The agency set out to provide a performance-based solution for brands. They advocate transformational marketing technologies and are involved in the Startups/SME sector, hosting many workshops/seminars for like-minded entrepreneurs & founders to help them grow their businesses.

They also co-founded LimeHK, a Hong Kong-based acceleration program focused on early-stage Startups/Ventures and provides mentorship, strategic partnerships & investments.

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