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Moving to the UK? |Three cities to look at!

If you’re a Hong Konger planning to move there in the pursuit of further education, employment or retirement, you might be very confused about how any of it works. 

That’s why – a few weeks ago, we chatted with CBRE’s Ludo Downey about the UK property scene in 2021. Go here to check out that video! With this episode however, we wanted to zoom out BY A LOT and take a look at 3 English cities you should check out!

These are three expat and investment friendly cities that we will be taking a look at in our video today. 




City One – London

London is broken down into 32 boroughs – 12 Inner London boroughs and 20 Outer London The upside for expats is that London, like Hong Kong, is an international financial hub, boasting job opportunities and a huge diversity of communities and cultures. It already boasts a strong expat population and the urban environment is something very familiar to Hong Kongers. 

An important phrase to remember is “regeneration areas.” Basically, they’re the British version of Hong Kong’s Urban Renewal efforts. One regeneration area is a borough called Hounslow. 

We did a separate video on a development there called Lampton Parkside. If interested, click here to watch it!

City Two – Birmingham

Birmingham connects with a few other cities and towns to form what’s known in the UK as a conurbation –  specifically speaking the West Midlands conurbation or Greater Birmingham.

While it may be smaller than London, it can provide just as many opportunities as the international city. A couple other positives to consider are the lower cost of living compared to London and a centralized location right in the middle of the UK if you like to travel! 

But if you’re someone only looking to invest there, the capital appreciation is obviously going to be lower than a city like London. One important area to look into would be Digbeth, which has seen major changes in the past decade, with old warehouses being turned into modern apartments. 

City Three – Manchester

Manchester lies in the Greater Manchester Built-Up Area, and is possibly the most culturally significant city on this small list.The city also has a strong manufacturing industry that employs 1 out of 10 people in the city, making it a perfect place to settle and grow.

Some key areas to look into would be First Street, Mayfield and Great Jackson Street, which have all been the focus of regeneration and development.

With the efforts of the local government, Manchester has broken out of its previous industrial decline, bringing a lot of value and activity to its property scene. 

In Conclusion

I hope this video has made looking into the UK a bit easier for you, but do watch out for upcoming videos that will take a deeper dive into the area.