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Real estate expert: Online VS face-to-face?

Should I find a real estate expert online or should I do it the traditional way? That is a question.

Nowadays you can practically find anything online. Especially during the pandemic, online shopping has become the prominent trend. You can buy food, clothes, and services online, and even real estate expert services. Some people may think that real estate equity investment is too “serious” to be done online, however, there could be more pros than cons. Let’s look at the difference between online real estate expert and face-to-face consultation.

Face-to-face real estate expert

👍🏻Higher credibility

For traditional real estate agents, marketing relies heavily on offline strategies like direct sales. Agents and agencies can only build their reputations step by step with years of experience and excellent services. Customers usually decide to hire a particular real estate expert because their friends and families endorsed his or her service. This gives customers more confidence, knowing that they are in good hands.

👎🏻Less convenient

To do it the old-school way, you probably have to visit the real estate expert to start the consultation process. During the pandemic, it can be difficult to find a safe place to talk for hours. Also, for an investment as big as a real estate equity investment, you may want to compare the prices and fees of several agencies before you make a decision. You will then have to spend some time and effort to talk to a few real estate experts, and then compare their services manually. Just think about the workload.

Online real estate expert

👍🏻More sources of information

In the past, if you want to know more about a niche in real estate equity investment, you have to go to a local real estate agency and read their posters or brochures. If you are looking to invest in an oversea real estate market, let’s say, the Malaysia real estate market, then it could be a little troublesome because local real estate agencies may not have substantial information on this subject. Yet, now you can easily search online for information about other real estate markets. There are even prop-tech platforms like Denzity for you to look for real estate experts with specific expertise, like Vietnam real estate market, Malaysia real estate development, and feng shui.

👍🏻More extensive background search

With more choices comes more considerations when making decisions. To choose the best agent, comparison and background search are essential. You can utilize the Internet to do a more thorough background search on your agents.

👍🏻More channels to find agents

Instead of asking your friends who had purchased real estate before or checking out local real estate agencies one by one, you can now go online to do so. There are endless ways to find a real estate agent now. For instance, you can use Denzity’s directory to find the real estate expert that is just right for you. After figuring out what you want, you can apply the filter and browse real estate experts specialized in the area you’re interested in, like feng shui or Vietnam real estate market.


The Internet not only makes our lives easier but also scammer’s businesses. Let’s be honest here, there certainly are scammers in the real estate equity investment business. That’s why it is important to do research and seek consultation from credible organisations. For example, Denzity is a third-party platform for you to learn more about real estate equity investment and browse lists of unaffiliated real estate agents.

Do you prefer the online way or the traditional way? Let us know in the comment section.