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Singapore | KongWife| Kindergarten Chapter Singapore 7 tips You must know

As a Southeast Asia country, Singapore’s financial and cultural environment are very similar to Hong Kong, so Singapore gradually becoming another choice for Hong Kong immigrants. Also, YouTuber KongWife emigrate to Singapore! Remember to pay attention to the YouTube channel KongWife, which shares about Singapore’s daily life, views on Singapore and immigration. This time, we are going to explain Singapore’s education system.

Singapore’s education system

Most Hong Kong people will immigrate their whole family to Singapore, or form a family after emigrating, and may also have children. They will inevitably care about kindergarten education. YouTuber KongWife pointed out that the teacher-student ratio of K1 in Singapore, that is, K2 in Hong Kong, is about 1:20; while K2 in Singapore, the teacher-student ratio is about 1:25, which is smaller than that in Hong Kong. Teachers can take care of every child more comprehensively. In addition, she also pointed out that Singapore is a multicultural country. The teaching languages are mainly English and Chinese, and the teaching time ratio in Chinese and English is equal. Chinese is Chinese, and simplified Chinese are also mainly taught. The second international school is also mainly in French, German, and even all English.

Teacher situation and field inspection

According to YouTuber KongWife, government kindergarten teachers can become kindergarten teachers after at least eight months of on-the-job training. Private kindergarten teachers need at least to obtain a diploma or degree in early childhood education, plus first aid courses to prevent emergencies for children.

YouTuber KongWife suggested that there is no need to rush the on-site inspection of kindergartens. First, the location where immigrants live, then look for nearby kindergartens, and collect some less data. If affected by the epidemic, video inspection is also a good choice. She pointed out that the degree of enrollment in kindergarten is relatively easy. Basically, there are new students enrolled every month, so there is no need to worry too much.

Kindergarten fee

YouTuber KongWife pointed out that in the government MOE kindergarten, only 3 to 6 years old, PR or citizen students, Citizen charges $160 per month, while PR charges $320 per month, and there is also an additional charge, about Kcare charges up to $$ per month. 395, and the school will start in January.

At ChildrenCare Centre, students from 18 months to 6 years old are accepted, and some schools provide baby care services. In addition to accepting PR or citizen admissions, international students are also accepted. The monthly fee is about $1,400-$2,200.

In international schools, from 3 to 6 years old, only international students are accepted, and citizen students are not allowed to attend. The monthly fee is about $1,600-$3,000, and the school will start in August.

Singapore and Hong Kong admissions are different

YouTuber KongWife pointed out that if you apply for admission in Singapore, as long as the kindergarten still has a degree, you will accept registration, and then pay for it, you can successfully study. You can cut classes at any time without worry too much. Moreover, it is free for children under the age of seven to travel any means of transportation in Singapore, which is convenient for schoolchildren to go to school.


KongWife said in the clip that there is no need to worry about trusting Singapore’s education system. The teacher and education system is also better than that of Hong Kong and very reliable. It is recommended that Hong Kong people who are interested in emigrating to Singapore remember to watch the video for more detailed information.

KongWife Information

The name of the ‘KongWife’ channel means that Hong Kong people’s wives are in Singapore, integrated into Singaporean culture and life, and share the drabs of Hong Kong families living in Singapore through the channel, so that more Hong Kong people who want to immigrate to Singapore can deepen their understanding of Singapore.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of KongWife.

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