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As a Southeast Asian country, Singapore is becoming an alternative to Hong Kong as it is very similar to Hong Kong in terms of economic and cultural conditions. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel KongWife, which shares information about daily life in Singapore, views on Singapore and immigration. This time, we will talk about the education system in Singapore.

Kindergarten Structure in Singapore

YouTuber KongWife points out that kindergartens in Singapore are divided into local schools and private schools. Local schools are government subsidized schools and they are only half-day and not full-day. Private schools are international schools or Childcare Center, which have full-day and half-day. If you have to work during the day and don’t have time to take care of your child, you can choose a private school that is full-day.

Singapore vs Hong Kong Grade Level Descriptions

The grade descriptions in Singapore are different from those in Hong Kong. For example, Class N in Singapore is equivalent to K1 in Hong Kong, and YouTuber KongWife recommends providing the year of birth of your child to the school before enrolling to see what grade he/she belongs to. In Singapore, school starts in January.

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7 Key Considerations for Choosing a Kindergarten in Singapore

  1. Local vs Private School
  2. Full Day vs Half Day
  3. School hours and transportation
  4. Teacher-student ratio
  5. Language of instruction
  6. Teacher qualifications
  7. Kindergarten field trip (video call available)


In terms of school hours, working parents may need to choose 7am-7pm (Childcare first, public holidays only). Full-time parents need to choose the time according to their child’s ability to adapt (half-day/full-day). For transportation, please note that some kindergartens do not provide school bus service.

KongWife Information

KongWife features two wives from Hong Kong who came to Singapore at different times and hit it off when they first met at the spa.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the YouTube channel KongWife.

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