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Singapore | Laurel Yang | Laurel Builds Her Ideal Home in Singapore

As a global financial center, Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its HDI value was 0.938 in 2019, demonstrating the rapid growth of the already advanced country. One might imagine life in Singapore to be extremely intense without any chance to rest or catch your breath, but YouTuber Laurel Yang says otherwise. After settling down in her new apartment in Singapore with her husband S, Laurel finally reveals her home! Keep an eye on her YouTube channel Laurel Yang, where she illustrates how relaxing life could be in Singapore!

Small Yet Comfortable

Youtuber Laurel is very satisfied by her home in Singapore, exclaiming that she loves how comfortable and well-built it is despite not being the biggest apartment in the world. Her home consists of a bedroom, a living room and a dining room, a kitchen, a studio and a guest room, a household shelter, and two bathrooms. She makes efficient use of the limited space and takes advantage of every aspect of the apartment, such as the wide view and good natural lighting. In this article, We will focus on her living room, dining room, and kitchen, where she really enjoys spending time in.

Style of the Apartment

The apartment has great natural lighting. Laurel loves the sunlight, so she decided to style the apartment in a way that matches the sunlight. Her windows are relatively large, and she grows a lot of plants to form a sense of nature, invigoration, and simplicity in her home.

Living Room and Dining Room

The entire living room can be seen once you enter Laurel’s apartment. Laurel plans to keep her furniture flexible and tractable, and the style of her apartment is rather simple. Her living room has a sofa, a television, a carpet, a foot massager, and some cabinets and shelves for storage. Laurel loves resting, reading, gaming, and hanging out in the living room, particularly on the sofa and the carpet. She put board games and her PlayStation in the cabinets, so they become closer and more convenient when she needs them. Furthermore, she placed a small table next to the sofa for food and drinks while enjoying a foot massage or watching the TV. The dining room is connected to the living room. The dining table is usually set up for two people only (Laurel and her husband), but it can actually be extended into a much bigger table and fit eight people. The table also uncommonly has six drawers for her to store things like utensils and elongation. 

Kitchen and Laundry Room

Laurel spends a lot of time in the kitchen because of her passion for cooking, and sometimes she would post vlogs of her making snacks. She installed cabinets on both sides of the kitchen to be able to store more things, along with many other items. Her kitchen has a glass door and a fridge at its entrance. The fridge is relatively big for two people, and she usually buys groceries every weekend. She loves sticking photos or memories onto the side of the fridge. The lighting in the kitchen is great, since there are big windows and two-tone LED lights (white and yellow). The kitchen has two electric stoves, which require extra care and switches to operate for safety precautions. Laurel puts necessities on the right side of the kitchen, such as washbasin, cooking sauce, medicine, masks, paper and garbage bags, pans and pots, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and a tall stool for her to reach taller cabinets. On the other side, there is a place for her to prepare ingredients or make snacks, a water machine, knives, tissue, snacks, microwave, tea, air fryer, and other equipment and tools. She also has a BBQ machine as both she and her husband love BBQ – they usually have BBQ every weekend. There is a small balcony at the end of her kitchen, and it actually acts as her laundry room. While the washing machine is on the right side, Laurel has a plant shelf on the left side for decoration. She avoids using the dryer, taking advantage of the sunlight and air-drying her clothes instead. 

Information about Laurel Yang

Laurel is a Taiwanese girl who lives and works in Singapore. The content she posts on her YouTube channel Laurel Yang is prominently her personal life, such as hanging out with friends or her relationship with her husband S. She also posted videos about deeper topics like analyzing potential development of the educational industry or comparing the differences between Taiwan and Singapore.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of Laurel Yang.

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