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Singapore | Laurel Yang | Laurel Introduces Her Dream Home in Singapore

As a global financial center, Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its HDI value was 0.938 in 2019, demonstrating the rapid growth of the already advanced country. One might imagine life in Singapore to be extremely intense without any chance to rest or catch your breath, but YouTuber Laurel Yang says otherwise. After settling down in her new apartment in Singapore with her husband S, Laurel finally reveals her home! Keep an eye on her YouTube channel Laurel Yang, where she illustrates how relaxing life could be in Singapore! We will focus on the studio and guest room, bedroom, household shelter, and two bathrooms of her apartment in this article.

Studio and Guest Room and Bathroom

This room is located in the hallway between the living room and kitchen. It is not only the studio, but also acts as the guest room when there are guests in Laurel’s apartment. The sofa in the studio can be transformed into a two-meter bed for guests to sleep in. Next to the sofa sits a table that is designed to make things convenient for both Laurel and her husband, who usually have different working hours. Laurel really appreciates the work area because she spends a lot of time editing videos at home. On the other hand, the guest bathroom is located across the hallway, and it has a simple design with only a shower, a toilet, a washbasin, and some toiletries since it’s only used when there are guests.

Bedroom and Bathroom

Laurel’s bedroom has a bed, a wardrobe, two nightstands, and an air purifier. While the wardrobe is customly designed to save space in her bedroom, she also installed a projector above the bed and a projector screen in front of the wardrobe for movie nights. The table on her side of the bed is a place for her to put makeup on, and the table on the other side of the bed is for her husband to store things or charge his phone. Finally, there is another bathroom in the bedroom. Although the natural lighting in this bathroom is dimmer compared to the other one, it contains more things as Laurel mainly uses this bathroom.

Household Shelter

Every HDB in Singapore has a household shelter, which is a safe space for people to hide in during emergencies. The building materials surrounding each household shelter are strong, so the residents of newer buildings are not allowed to change or remove the household shelter. Laurel uses this space as a storage room when there are no emergencies.

Choice of Furniture

In the beginning of the house tour, Laurel states that she attempts to keep her furniture movable and avoids purchasing intractable furniture, such as cabinets on the wall. As a result, it is easier for her to change the positioning of furniture. This allows her to utilize the space more efficiently. For example, she installed most of the cabinets on both sides of the kitchen to store things and create more space in other rooms. Impressively, most of her furniture is well-designed and multi-functional without losing their simplicity and taking up too much space.

  • Laurel hopes to maintain a simple design. 
  • Laurel uses the sofa and carpet in the living room as a spot to rest, read, watch movies, and hang out with friends.
  • There aren’t many buildings blocking the sunlight, so the lighting in the apartment is perfect. Laurel loves the natural light and makes good use of it. She not only air-dries her clothes, but also grows more plants for passion and to fit the style of the apartment.
  • There is a cabinet behind every mirror in the apartment for Laurel to store more things, including toiletries and utilities

Laurel’s Success in Building Her Ideal Home in Singapore 

Laurel acknowledges that her apartment is not the biggest in size, but she learnt to use every inch of the space wisely. She builds her home based on the style she likes and chooses fitting furniture to fill the apartment, paying attention to both their design and functions. Similarly, you can certainly build your ideal home and lifestyle if you are willing to devote more time and effort to choosing and designing your house. 

Information about Laurel Yang

Laurel is a Taiwanese girl who lives and works in Singapore. The content she posts on her YouTube channel Laurel Yang is prominently her personal life, such as hanging out with friends or her relationship with her husband S. She also posted videos about deeper topics like analyzing potential development of the educational industry or comparing the differences between Taiwan and Singapore.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of Laurel Yang.

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