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Success, Winning & Greatness ft. Garry Chan, Lily Hong

In today’s Lens Episode, we chat with Lily Hong – musician and actress turned wealth manager – and Regional Senior General Manager Garry Chan from YF Life WONE.

The relationship that Lily and Garry share is double-fold – one that of a manager/employee and the other that of a coach/coachee. Ever since Lily has transitioned into the Insurance industry, Garry has been there guiding her every step of the way. Together, they reflect on what it means to win, the difference between a coach and a manager, and what separates the great from the good!

According to both of them, the important distinct between a coach and a manager is that a manager is responsible for achieveing certain goals, and he assumes a teacher-like position in the life of his employees, guiding them to improve KPIs and perform their best in the employment setting. A coach, however, is involved in a two-communication. He’s isn’t just advising his coachee – he’s listening to their needs and trying to discover a vision for them that they themselves may be unaware of. Lily testifies to the power of such a guide in her life!

For Lily, the concept of winning was always intimidating, and she never enjoyed the prospect of competition. It’s when she came to view winning as a collaborative effort, especially in the insurance space, did she start to appreciate the empowering effect it has on her and her colleagues. Garry, as a leader and coach, points to the inspirational spirit that winning can instill not just in an individual but amongst those surrounded by him. Winning together, they both espouse, is a very powerful experience!

They continue onto discussing how one can go from “good to great” by practicing a certain mindset, and whether fear has any value in motiviating winners. Garry also gives us a little insight into the success of another one of his mentees, famous actress and youtube Coffee Lam. Sit tight and tune in to hear the entirety of the conversation above!

▶ About the guest:

Lily Hong,Risk and Wealth Management Manager at YFLife Insurance/Musician/Artist

Lily Hong started her career at TVB as an artiste, singer, musician, and KOL. In mid 2010, Lily entered the insurance industry; she obtained the MDRT and COT million dollar round table membership within six months of joining the company and has also won the company new agent award champion in the same year. In addition, Lily hopes to make a contribution to society; she participated in the Policy Donations soon after entering the industry, hoping to contribute more to the community. From family to career, Lily continues to pursue music as her dream, and wish to create more possibilities for herself and those whom she cares.

Garry Chan,Regional Senior General Manager at YFLife Insurance/Musician/Artiste,Life Coach

Garry Chan is an experienced General Manager with a considerable history of working in the insurance industry. He is a skilled manager, with an acumen in strategic planning, team building, training, management, and leadership. As a career coach and motivational speaker, he is also responsible for providing mentorship and coaching to key figures in the industry and Hong Kong such as Lily Hung and Coffee Lam, as well as numerous another professionals and adults.

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