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Introducing Denzity Insights

Introducing Denzity Insights

We’d like to tell you about the launch of our upcoming video series – Denzity Insights.

Denzity Insights is an educational-focused series where we interview Experts worldwide for their tips and insights to give you a better idea of how the real estate industry works. Experts (such as real estate agents, brokers, developers, world-class investors, transactional advisors, and more) can break down any myths and misunderstandings for you. You should expect to find quality insights that aren’t often part of the daily news cycle and hard to find via the web.

Among the wide-ranging subjects, we cover topics such as what’s the real estate markets like from across the world, things to be aware of during real estate investing, and some interesting topics in real estate, such as PropTech, Real Estate Fractional ownership, Sustainability in Real Estate, and how Fung Shui impacts on real estate.

We will start posting a new episode every Thursday.

We absolutely love doing these interviews and we hope you will enjoy the video series!

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Denzity Insights – Apply To Be A Guest Today

Hey everyone! We are excited to let you know about Denzity Insights – a high-quality, educational video series for the audiences to learn about real estate tips and insights from Experts worldwide.

Our free video series focuses on interviewing a wide range of real estate experts for them to break down any myths and misunderstandings in the industry.

If you want to be a video guest, email us

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Finding The Right Experts

Whenever my buddies and I are geeking out on real estate investments, we always share what we learned and why we think our projects have potential. The truth is that not many people (like us) understand how to carry out the due diligence process properly before investing in a real estate project. Denzity Forum helps you find tailored advice directly from experts.

In our previous post [], we described how Denzity Forum works. I want to give you a better idea of what kind of experts you would need.

Good due diligence starts by finding the right experts experienced in pointing out key things to consider. Experts involved in a real estate transaction typically include brokers, surveyors, lawyers, asset and property managers, tax advisors, appraisers, financiers, developers, and so on. 

Real estate in different regions carry attributes that require specific knowledge to better evaluate an investment. As the market becomes more competitive, each type of professional has specialized their domain.

For example, brokers may specialize in a specific property type, size or location, with their own strategic expertise. When facing a mountain of investment opportunities, each with a different angle, it’s important to ask questions in an inclusive community of experts to share their knowledge with you.

Whenever you post a question on Denzity Forum, we reach out to experts we have worked with or been referred to. Our goal is to find you the best quality answers. If we feel your question should have multiple sources, we invite multiple experts to provide you with different perspectives. By crowdsourcing information from multiple sources, you can make a better-informed decision of what your preferred projects are.

I can’t wait for you to start using Denzity Forum. We hope every time you visit our community-driven forum, you gain better insights and knowledge for your exploration.

You can sign up to the forum here:

Thanks for staying tuned and speak to you soon.


Co-Founder, Denzity