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PropTech 2022: Why invest in PropTech Startups?

Today on Denzity Insights, we talk to HKPTA member James Kwan – executive chairman of Jumpstart Media. He’ll give us his take on investing in PropTech Startups, integrating innovation into your business and how PropTech is going to shape the future.

Watch the video above and stick to the very end to catch every drop of his forward-thinking wisdom! Here we’ve highlighted some points from his most poignant insights.

What to look for when investing in PropTech Startups

James admits that PropTech is a new frontier even when it comes to tech innovation, when compared to areas like FinTech and HealthTech. His premier advice for investors is to connect with real estate developers, property owners and asset managers – people who are on the lookout for a big change in the future. It’s a good idea to align with organizations like Hong Kong PropTech Association to see how the local community can help you and inform you.

Popular tech sectors and innovations;

Why you should invest in PropTech

“Out of any country in the world, I think there’s more reason for people in Hong Kong to look at PropTech,” James asserts. He cites our exorbitant real estate prices as one example. As the times change – with recent trade wars and changing economic stances – it’s important to update your “game”, instead of merely sitting on property.

How PropTech could transform Hong Kong

James believes PropTech has the potential to be a big part of Hong Kong’s tech landscape, especially since players in the property world have the money to invest. Already, things are changing. 

Sanitization Robots by Rice Robotics; K11 Musea

When you walk into K11 Musea, you might spot a sanitization robot by Rice Robotics chugging along; K11 Musea add to that UV lighted elevators, AI mask detection machinery and many other technologies. These weren’t on the minds of investors even just a few years ago, but might be the key to staying competitive globally.

Keep up with the Times

Whether it be investors, property developers, large corporations or entrepreneurs, James’ key takeaway is the importance of integrating innovation into the business unit to keep up with the times and push society forward!

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About the guest

James Kwan is the Executive Chairman at Jumpstart, an Innovation as a Service (IaaS) company that connects the innovation community globally. He also serves as a board member of the Hong Kong PropTech Assocation. The association consists of a team of professionals, experts and entrepreneurs from various industries such as PropTech, media, Real Estate and Finance. Their goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem that brings together property developers, investors, and emerging PropTech startups. They are dedicated to foster communication, drive innovation agenda within the property industry, and encourage technology-enabled solutions to improve lives, businesses, cities, and the environment.


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How to Tell Your Story in the PropTech Sector

Thanks Tracy Ho of Frame & Fame Personal Branding for sharing tips for PropTech professionals on how to build an authentic brand in the PropTech and real estate world.

Also, glad to have Nurul Amira, MSc for sharing some insights along with Vishalsai Daswani of MyPropty and Gary Walter MRICS of Realinflo in another PropTech Institute virtual meetup. We talked about:

– How to convey your message

– Communicating with various industry players

– The Burger Analogy

– And more

You can find the show and notes via the links below:

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