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The Top 5 Countries in Asia to Retire

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad but never found the right time because career and life got in the way? More and more people are thinking about retiring overseas. In fact, with careful planning and consideration, it is no longer out of reach for many people who are thinking about living abroad for their retirement years. While there’s no one way to approach retirement, Asia could be an appealing option to many.

After considering several important factors like healthcare, cost of living, climate, and development level, we have come up with a list of countries in Asia to retire. Here’s a look at 5 of the best retirement lifestyle options in Asia.

1. Malaysia
Malaysia is often cited as the top Asian country to live or retire as an expatriate. The country is known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular rainforests, fantastic food and decent climate. Although the country’s official language is Malay, English is widely spoken in Malaysia.

Malaysia also enjoys a high level of development. In recent years, Malaysia real estate has attracted more foreign investment. The property buying process is mature and foreigner-friendly. Yet, Malaysian homes are more affordable than Singapore and Hong Kong. If you are looking for an affordable option to retire, Malaysia should be a top priority for retirees. Also, due to its location and infrastructure development, travelling between countries is extremely easy, allowing you to explore Asia’s full potential.

2. Thailand

Known as “The Land of Smiles,” Thailand has much to offer in retirees’ desires. The country provides easily accessible yearly visa renewals for expatriates who have chosen to retire in Thailand, making the paperwork simplifier and easier. Like Malaysia, Thailand’s selling points are its low living cost, warm-water coastlines, and tropical climates. Because of the long-established foreign community, you can gain access to many social events, activities and clubs. It makes your retirement life more fun and sociable.

Housing options include modern condos, beachfront homes and modern gated communities. Thailand’s real estate market is growing steadily. Interested buyers, it’s time to do your research and discover your new home!

3. Vietnam
Vietnam offers beautiful landscapes, colourful local culture and a low cost of living. However, the country doesn’t make things easy when it comes to visas and residency. To retire in Vietnam, one of the options is to apply for a business or investor visa, which could allow you to remain in the country full time indefinitely.

Vietnam’s real estate industry is booming. Rental yield can reach up to 6%-8% in popular areas. If you are looking for a comfortable retirement life in Vietnam, you can research the local real estate market. Maybe you can earn some extra money from the property market to make your retirement life even more luxurious!

4. Sri Lanka
Like other Asian countries, Sri Lanka is known for its fantastic cultures, low cost of living and beautiful landscapes. Sri Lanka offers a “Dream Home Visa Programme”, which allows foreign nationals over 55 to stay in the country. It also provides a steady temperature year-round. To qualify for the programme, you need to invest monetary capital in a local business. The visa will be renewed annually. 

5. Cambodia
Cambodia has long been one of the most desired countries to retire. It offers the benefit of beautiful scenery and a warm climate, and the comfort of a sizeable international connection. It is effortless to obtain long-term visas in Cambodia. The cost of living in Cambodia allows retirees to live a comfortable and luxurious life. Real estate and food are very cheap here. Overall, some expats claim they can live on a $1,500 monthly budget comfortably already.

To retire overseas is a big decision. It is like having your second home! Make sure you do comprehensive research on everything like real estate, visa policy, cost of living, healthcare system and so on!