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The UK Immigration|Why the UK welcomes Hong Kongers on board

In a time where the political situation in Hong Kong is unstable, it is understandable that a lot of citizens have the desire to leave Hong Kong in hopes of living a life that is more liberal such as the UK. However, there are also many worries about immigration, for example, fear of not adapting, not being valued, becoming second-class citizens, etc. With the recent emergence of brexit, some even speculate that xenophobia is still an unspoken truth that lies within the UK. . 

And to be honest, the apprehension that you may have is completely warranted. Immigrating to a different country is intimidating, you’re leaving your friend group behind, quitting your job, eating different food, and even immersing yourself in a culture that could be drastically different from what you’re used to. 

Historical connection

After almost an occupation that lasted a century long, it should come as no surprise that Hong Kong had become a completely different city. One that had Chinese and British characteristics in it, which is why even after the return to our mainland, the transition was rough. Citizens had already become accustomed to the British ways, which is why the imposing of certain laws from China has become such an issue. 

Now that we know Hong Kong’s historical context, let’s talk about Britain. On 31 January 2020 , Brexit happened. The xenophobia exhibited in Brexit was only a byproduct of nationalism, a sense of pride for one’s country. The thing is, the British were afraid that the native culture would be imposed upon with the addition of strong nationalists from other countries. However with Hong Kong this is different in a lot of ways. 

Due to the change in perspective that the Hong Kongers were able to experience through the occupation, Hong Kongers have a profound respect for the UK. This is something that we can see in a lot of things, 25% of students that study abroad go to the UK, 26% of immigrants go to the UK, Cha Chan Tengs (chinese restaurant) were inspired by the cohesion of British and local cuisine. No matter what people are considering, the United Kingdom is always the top choice. 

By the end of the day, this type of respect and admiration for the UK’s culture is something that local citizens can see. Instead of seeing Hong Kongers as cultural invaders, most British citizens enjoy the company of Hong Kongers and can relate to them easily, this type of bonding cannot be found anywhere else other than in Hong Kong. Which ultimately makes you a desirable immigrant. 

Government view

“Hong Kong immigrants are likely to be from the middle-class, professional background, who would either be bringing in enough money to have early retirement or they will be coming in as very industrious, entrepreneurial workers,” says Tsang. 

It also shows why the British government welcomes Hong Kong people to join. Granting British citizenship to Hong Kongers can also increase labor force and economic capacity. By the end of the day, what the British government wants is to increase their country’s national strength, one of the methods being their financial ability, and granting Hong Kongers with a British citizenship is definitely a way to achieve that. From a financial standpoint, the difference between Hong Kongers and traditional immigrants from the EU is that Hong Kongers not only have the ability to support themselves, but also the ability to better their economy. 

Citizens view

The British citizens believe that the United Kingdom has the responsibility to grant Hong Kong people the right to live in the United Kingdom, which they say defends democracy and freedom. Some British people believe that the safety of Hong Kong people is threatened, and they welcome Hong Kong people to work in the United Kingdom.

The British believe that Hong Kong people are decisive, efficient and steady, and they are good working partners. When Hong Kong people arrived in the UK, they were integrated very quickly, and soon they could become members of British society and help the UK progress.


In the light of British history, the government’s perspective, and the views of British citizens, we believe that the UK government welcomes Hong Kong people to join them. We understand that it takes courage to immigrate, and with adequate research, your confidence will be boosted. We will regularly publish relevant information in the UK, such as Salford, Liverpool etc., to help you choose the right choice.

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