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When you look at properties on UK property search engines such as Rightmove, you may see terms like “no chain” from time to time. In the UK property market, what does “property chain” mean?

What is a property chain?

The original meaning of property chain is a chain of operations that connects buyers/sellers. Because most people in the market are both buying and selling homes, you can’t buy a new home without selling the old one, and you can’t sell the old home without finding a new one. As a result, all buyers/sellers form a complex property chain. Hence, the property chain involves many people. In addition to a group of buyers/sellers, there are also real estate representatives, lawyers, surveyors, lending institutions, and so on. Any accidents, laziness, or mistakes by any party will also affect other people’s transactions. Because of this, the buying and selling process drags on for too long, and it is not uncommon for buyers/sellers to finally decide to pull out. According to statistics, 3 out of 10 people in the UK have had a property transaction that ended in failure, for which the long property chain is one of the leading causes.

How to avoid property chains?

1. If you are a seller, try to choose no chain buyers, such as first-time home buyers.

2. If you are a buyer, but you have been unable to buy the desired property because of the chain, you may consider selling the property you are holding first, changing it to short-term rental or temporarily staying with relatives and friends to enhance your bargaining power.

3. If you are a buyer, you can choose properties with a short upward chain or even non-existent properties, such as vacant properties or the owner’s second home.

4. Of course, since newly-built properties have not been launched, there is no concern about the property chain. At the same time, some developers are also willing to buy the original property from you to help you change your residence. However, the developer’s asking price is often lower than the market, so you should consider carefully before accepting the developer’s proposal.

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This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the UK property consulting company AdventureInCreativity.

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