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UK |  Ophelia Chan | Eastbourne transportation, schooling and community

Due to the raging epidemic in recent years, Hong Kong people are not able to travel, but the number of Hong Kong people’s immigration is increasing.United Kingdom is one of the most popular immigration countries for Hong Kong people. In this episode, YouTuber Ophelia Chan will introduce Eastbourne transportation, schooling and community.

What’s so special about an unpopular area?

It’s a place where property prices are relatively low, and it’s a big town, so it’s easier and faster to find a job. If there are good schools, it is easier to get in. If it is a more popular city, many school places will be less, and the rent will be much more expensive. Therefore, there is no need to compete for places in the unpopular areas, and the rent is relatively low.

What is the traffic convenience and security?

It only takes one hour and 35 minutes to get to Victoria in London Zone 1, while it takes about one hour to get to Brighton. There are also trains and buses to CHICHESTER and BOGNOR REGIS, and the nearest international airport is about 55 minutes away. Although the crime rate is high compared to other cities, this is also a tourist area, so it is not surprising that there are such cases for Youtuber Ophelia. The downtown and mall area feels safe.

Good school network and community environment

There are 40 schools, 27 elementary schools and 14 secondary schools, most of them are good schools and there are also special schools. It rains a lot in the UK, so shopping malls are important. There is a large shopping mall and some High Street places with many Asian restaurants. In the city center, there are department stores and many small independent stores. There are plenty of choices for your daily needs, and it is a great place for families to live. The town has a beautiful and comfortable seaside environment with natural hiking trails.

House Prices (for reference only)

The average property price is £312,094, apartments average £226,718, townhouses are around £300,000 and semi-detached houses are around £340,000. On the website rightmove, you can see the information of some houses such as Cavendish Place Eastbourne, which costs £140,000. Youtuber Ophelia mentioned that it’s not a good idea to buy a retirement house unless you only live in it, as it’s difficult to resell.

Ophelia Chan Information  

Ophelia Chan shares her experience of immigrating to the UK with BNO VISA and what we have seen and heard about living in the UK. Ophelia has been living in the UK for 14 years since she came from Hong Kong to study in 2007! She has organized her family in the UK, and gave birth to two sons in London/Surrey in 2016 and 2019 respectively. She is also a Master of Law, a native of Hong Kong, and a full time mother.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of Ophelia Chan.

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