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United Kingdom | 3 Reasons why UK property is worth to buy

Owning a property is a dream for every Hong Kong person. However, Hong Kong’s property prices have risen a lot and it’s difficult for Hong Kong citizens to have one. Compared with the sky-high prices in Hong Kong, overseas property is becoming a choice. The UK has been a popular choice as we have BNO which is easy to immigrate to the UK.

A good time to enter the market 

According to Knight Frank data, the number of UK exchanges in July 2021 was 21% below the five-year average. Moreover, the nationwide house index decreased from 8.7% to 7.8%. It is believed the UK real estate market took a hit during the pandemic. However, it is good news to investors since the housing prices are at a more reasonable stage. 

Besides, The American Federal Reserve Bank is starting to taper their repurchase of external debt and Q3 non-agricultural employment data happens to be way lower than expected. It can be foreseen that the tapering would be postponed as it is still not the time to release the inflation to the public. It is a great time to purchase assets now before tapering begins again.

“Help To Buy” Policy

The UK government has now added a “Help To Buy” policy to lower the threshold for the first phase of a new building. It also provides a home equity loan of more than 15% (up to 40% in London) to assist any first home buyer aged 18 or above. With a 5% first installment, you can use the policy to buy a new building. This round of policy will last until March 2023 (2022 in Scotland). If Hong Kong people are successfully hired after arriving in the UK, and have established sufficient credit scores and records, this policy can apply for them as well.

A path towards stability

The stock market has always been a volatile location. With previous disasters such as the depression in the 30s or the stock market crash earlier last year. These are all situations that every savvy investor wants to avoid. It is also no secret that real estate is a surefire way to maintain value and keep your money, but the question is how much?

Even though you can ensure that you would not go bankrupt with having property, the benefit also lies in the possibility of making money, thus the name of “investment”. As the rental yields are so high in the UK, it really is a foolproof plan. There are constantly tenets looking to rent and buy, no matter in what financial climate in the United Kingdom. With that you can always turn a profit on top of keeping your assets intact in dire scenarios.

Risk and Reward 

The most important part of investing is to manage risk and return.  The higher the risk of an action, the higher the reward it will bring to justify the investment in it.  And the current low risk and high return make purchasing a property a good investment.

   Whether you buy and sell real estate business for your own use or long-term investment, the UK market can meet your needs.  Like the slow pace of life in Merseyside or the fast pace of central London, there is always a place in the UK for you.


Whether or not you choose the UK as the next place to look for an overseas property, we hope these points help clarify what aspects of a country you should be clear about before investing in property. There is no one size fits all answer. 

Whatever is your preference, Denzity is here to help you make a better decision. Our Portal lists many overseas properties managed by trusted real estate companies all over the world. If there is a place to find your dream home this would be it! Watch out for upcoming videos that will take a deeper dive into the area. 


Please note all the above stated is opinion only and does not constitute proper investment advice. Denzity is not liable for any investment decisions that result from following the opinions outlined above.