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Many Hong Kong people who want to immigrate to the UK are very concerned about the situation of BNO. Youtuber Life-solvers says that many Hong Kong people should apply for a BNO Visa before immigrating. In this video, he shows how the British BNO Visa affects the British property market!

The Home Office of the United Kingdom announced earlier that 15,600 Hong Kong people applied for a BNO passport in the fourth quarter of 2021. If the whole of last year is counted, there have been more than 100,000 applications in total so far. Life-solvers predicts that more than 150,000 people from outside the UK have applied for BNO. As more and more Hong Kong people come to the UK, the British government has many supporting facilities to help Hong Kong people integrate into British society. At present, the UK property market is hot, and the average property price in the UK has risen to GBP350k, a record high. For more details on BNO visas and the UK property market, watch the video.

We hope the above Youtuber Life-solvers video will help you learn more about the UK. If you want to immigrate to the UK, remember to watch the following information about the UK.

Information of Life-solvers

“Life-solvers” is an exclusive term for the channel, depicting the world as seen through the eyes of Youtuber Life-solvers. This channel is to encourage everyone to look through the current situation, to go out to the world to find new opportunities, and to bring you some Western current affairs advice and culture, because the coverage of foreign news in Hong Kong can be lacking.

This channel has stated in advance that it will not employ complicated editing skills. But with the help of occasional bad gags, it will provide some practical information, so that people of different classes in Hong Kong can find their own way around when abroad. Broaden your horizons. Moreover, youtuber Life-solvers opens his own study, finds jobs and buys real estate companies.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of the YouTube channel 看破世情 Life-solvers .

The UK mortgage information:

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The UK local information:

  1. Salford
  2. Liverpool

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