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Vancouver Property: Oakridge & Horseshoe Bay with Jeff Chan at Westbank

This is one part of the full interview with Jeff Chan at Westbank. Westbank is a Vancouver real estate development company with mixed real-estate development at the core of their practice. In this episode, we are going in-depth on several Westbank projects currently in the works. We will review ways you can understand projects and realise their potential. This is a great opportunity for you to understand how to assess Vancouver properties and other properties, besides. You can find the other interviews from Jeff and more about him in the show note or our blog –

這是在WestBank對Jeff Chan的完整採訪的一部分。Westbank是溫哥華的一家房地產開發公司,其業務的覈心是混合房地產開發。在本期節目中,我們將深入瞭解現時正在進行的幾個西岸項目。我們將回顧您理解項目並實現其潜力的方法。這是一個很好的機會,讓你瞭解如何訪問溫哥華的財產和其他財產,此外。你可以在節目單或我們的部落格上找到傑夫的其他採訪和更多關於他的資訊。

Key Discussions

Understand projects and realise their full potential.
Assessing Vancouver properties and other properties.
Outside variables and their impact on the outcome of a property.
The projects featured in the episode differ in so many aspects. It is good to see how both projects are ultimately made for different people with different use-cases. When we produce Denzity Insights, we want to show the audiences how to ask the right questions and be able to derive an assessment of a property’s potential and fit. From Jeff’s presentation of these projects, you can learn how outside variables like, community, impact the outcome of a property. In the interest of time, we didn’t go in-depth into both projects. However, if you are interested to learn more about the projects from WestBank, you can find Jeff’s contact information at the show notes.

這一集裏的專題在很多方面都不盡相同。很高興看到這兩個項目最終是如何為具有不同用例的不同人員創建的。當我們提出Denzity Insights時,我們希望向觀眾展示如何提出正確的問題,並能够得出對物業潜力和適合性的評估。從Jeff對這些項目的介紹中,您可以瞭解到外部變數(如社區)如何影響物業的結果。為了節省時間,我們沒有深入研究這兩個項目。不過,如果您有興趣瞭解更多有關WestBank項目的資訊,您可以在展會說明中找到Jeff的聯繫方式。

▶ About the guest:

Jeff Chan works with Westbank who is a culture company based out of Canada. Mixed real-estate development being at the core of their practice. Westbank frequently invites people to think and talk about beauty; if you are interested in this kind of discussion feel free to reach out to Westbank (links in the show notes).

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