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Vietnam | Michael Tang | Phu My Hung building review

Everyone who has traveled to Vietnam knows that Thailand is one of the favorite tourist attractions for many Hong Kong people with the ultra-low living index, affordable street snacks, and high-speed economic development. There are beautiful sunshine and beaches around. Most Hong Kong people may choose Britain and Canada, but some Hong Kong people originally chose to settle in Thailand. How is the life in Thailand? YouTuber Michael Tang participated in the half marathon held in Ho Chi Minh City and introduced some residential areas along the way.

The day before Salonpas half marathon

YouTuber Michael Tang participated in the half marathon in Fu Meixing, Thailand. After quickly finishing the equipment, he showed what was sent this time.

Identification certificate

  • Salonpas
  • Clothes
  • Milo
  • Body balm
  • Easy breakfast
  • Sunscreen cream

Although Michael Tang has no confidence to finish the whole process, he will also try his best to complete the whole process while running.

On the day of the Marathon

Michael arrived nearby at 4 a.m. to warm up, but found that someone was already warming up. He pointed out that this year’s marathon was originally held in January, but due to the epidemic, it was postponed to April. Coupled with the policy of coexistence with the virus, many activities in Ho Chi Minh City have basically been held normally. In this video, Michael will show you the road marathon street scene walking in the rich district of seven counties. Michael pointed out that the half marathon would start at 4:30. He saw a lot of professionals and even children coming to participate. Then the 21-kilometer warm-up was over, ready to gather and start.

Passing through Phu My Hung Residence 

In the marathon, Michael continued on the road after taking photos at the relay station on the bridge. When he came to the rich area, Phu My Hung, known as the little heavenly mother of Vietnam. A large part of it became a Korean community, and there were Korean restaurants and texts everywhere. The total area of this area is six square kilometers, the layout is full of characteristics, and the surrounding environment is harmonious. The area is full of rich Vietnamese families living in this area. The house price is between $100,000 and $300,000. Phu My Hung City is one of the important centers of Ho Chi Minh City. At present, it is the residence of many upper-class people and star artists in Vietnam, and many middle-class and Vietnamese entrepreneurs live here. The international people whose colleagues live in Vietnam like the orderly living environment here and the familiar modern lifestyle. In addition, they are quite close to the city center, they can also regard it as the second home. This can attract global elites to high-end residential areas in Vietnam and the golden location of international enterprise headquarters. Therefore, it has become famous internationally and has become the pride of Vietnam.

The last journey

Gradually, Michael finally came to the last rest stop, and the supplies at the rest stop were used indefinitely. Michael still has 1.5 kilometers to complete the whole competition. Michael introduced the Canada Vietnam kindergarten next to the runway. Phu My Hung has local schools at all levels, which is convenient for international people to live here. Finally, runners completed the race, followed by Michael. Michael said that although he was very happy to complete the whole process, he could not walk normally after the race at all due to foot cramps.

Information about Michael Tang

Michael Tang lives and works in Vietnam. The content posted on the YouTube channel Michael Tang 的越南外派生活 is mainly about her life expatriate life, overseas work, foreign investment, life experience sharing, weekly sharing of skills required to work abroad and life in Vietnam.

This article has been reproduced in text with the permission of Michael Tang 的越南外派生活.

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