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What do you need to prepare for pet immigration?

As expected for most people who love pets, they Immigrate with pets everywhere. However, immigration with pets is not the easiest task. There is a lot of paperwork to deal with before boarding your flight and nobody wants to deal with that last minute. Here is a step by step guide on how you can prepare yourself for the UK pet immigration without hassle.

Preparation before booking your flight

Surprisingly, the UK has strict regulation on even the most minute things such as the routes you take when travelling. So always check here to see if the flight you’re planning on booking is approved by the UK government for pet travel. However, during the booking stages of your journey, the people that you would like to check with the most are airline companies, call your respective airline company or go to their website and check with their policies on pet immigration, sometimes they would require separate paperwork that the UK government may not necessarily need, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Requirements for immigrating

The UK requires you to have the following documents ready for your pet to immigrate:

  1. Complete the pet transfer residency declaration form, which indicates that you do not intend to sell or transfer the pet you plan to immigrate.
  2. Provide a valid health certificate from a registered veterinarian stating that the pet is free from rabies or other diseases 24 hours to 120 hours before entering the UK.
  3. Hold a valid vaccination record to prove that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before the required.
  4. Implant International Chips for your pet’s microchipping.

If you have any uncommon animals, like rabbit, it is advised that you go to the UK government’s website to check if there are any additional requirements for your pet during the process. 

Training for travel

As pet owners, we always want our pets in the most comfortable positions possible, and I think it goes without saying that throwing one of them into a tiny enclosed space for extensive periods of time would be damaging to their mental health, something that we should try to avoid. Which is why you need to train your pets to get used to these spaces. Purchase the crate that you are planning on using a few weeks beforehand. When first bringing your pet into the crate, put their favourite mat or rug in the crate and keep the door open at all times. The key is to reward them with treats when they are in the crate so that they can begin to grasp the concept of confinement. After a while, try closing the gate for short periods of time so that they can get even more used to the environment, and incrementally increase the periods of time they are in the crate just to more accurately simulate the situation on flight. 


Pets don’t need to be quarantined after boarding a plane to the UK. Pet immigration seems like an impossible feat to a lot of us. However, we here at Denzity want to make this process as convenient as possible. We are sure that this guide would be able to help you miles in your immigration.

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