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Why you should invest in Salford

When you ask the people where to invest in the UK, the general opinion is always London. However, we recommended you take a look at Salford, which is located in Manchester in Northern England. In recent years, Salford has continued to develop, creating a large number of job opportunities, the overall labor power and housing demand is increasing, with convenient transportation, it is definitely the best choice for investment.


Geographically speaking, Salford is very close to big cities like Manchester. This strong link to a major city implies its prowess in reach. Transportation is made easy because of this linkage. Starting from Salford Central Railway Station, one stop to Victoria Station (Manchester’s transport hubs), and then transfer to Light Rail. Then you could easily reach Manchester’s Chinatown, Soho’s Northern Quarter, Spinningfields and shopping districts. Convenience means that you are allowed to live in further areas, while still being able to come in contact with modern society. This is something that the general public desires, and in other words, something that would be worth investing in.

Job Opportunities and strong signs of development

Up and coming businesses are always tight on money, as such, saving whenever they can is something that companies want to do when starting out. Thus why London is out of the picture. Unless you have a large stream of revenue to begin with, London just isn’t worth it anymore. As such, places such as Salford are slowly creeping into the eyes of startups. With good connections to the city while being far enough for lower standards of living is more than desirable. As more and more companies move into Salford, it would evolve into a central business district of its own. Even now, Salford is home to over 8700 businesses and employs more than 127000 people, with big name companies such as Talktalk and Vodafone. Being this top business hotspot, Salford is soon to see more growth as it becomes more and more business centric. 

Rise in reward

By the end of the day, what matters more is numbers. As smart investors, we are used to hearing promising investment opportunities that somehow lay flat. Which is why we need numbers, concrete data to back our investments up. According to data from the British Government’ HM Land Registry, starting from March 1, 2020, the overall average residential property price in Salford will be approximately 170,000 pounds (1.62 million Hong Kong dollars), an increase of 1.53% month-on-month and year-on-year. It recorded an increase of 2.92%.  In terms of long-term appreciation, London property prices have not risen as much as Salford, Manchester or even Greater Manchester.


We believe that there are a lot of hidden hotspots in the UK, for example Salford and Liverpool. Sometimes, it’s easier to look for what everyone trusts. However, going against the norm is what we as Denzity also believe in. Just because most people believe in something doesn’t mean the savvy investor has to follow.

Whatever your preference is, Denzity is here to help you make a better decision. Our Portal lists many overseas properties managed by trusted real estate companies all over the world. If there is a place to find your dream home this would be it!

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