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Denzity Insights    Hokkaido Property: SnowDog Village with Jo Lodder at SnowDog
Denzity ● Mar 18, 2021 11:43:18 AM

This is the second part of our interview with Jo Lodder, a founding partner of JNW Properties, SnowDog Village, SnowDog Chalets & Raku Ichi Residences. Today, Jo shares some opportunities and his outlook on real estate in Hokkaido and SnowDog Village. In this episode, we cover the underutilisation of Hokkaido during the Summer and how Jo sees this as a fantastic opportunity. If you know anyone who is invested in the region, please share this episode with them. Hope you enjoy the show!

Key Discussions

The outlook of real estate in Hokkaido and SnowDog Village
Emerging opportunities in Hokkaido during the summer
Growth potential in Niseko
I appreciate how Jo is sharing his future outlook in this episode. I know a lot of institutions and professional investors have tried to participate in the Hokkaido real estate market. I feel bringing in mountain biking sports during the summer can be a game-changer for properties in Hokkaido. If Niseko becomes a summer sports destination, there is a lot of growth potential. If you’d like to chat with Jo, you can refer to his contact information in our show notes.


▶ About the guest:

Jo Lodder is the founder partner sales & marketing of JNW Properties, SnowDog Village, SnowDog Chalets & Raku Ichi Residences. SnowDog Village is a completed property of 42 apartments that have had sustained buyer interest for a number of years. Jo also presides over 2 other projects in the planning and development stage such as the ski resort of Niseko, Japan. He and the company strive to give individuals the opportunity to purchase value-for-money ski properties. Through their resort experience, they have set up a unique management team to help ensure this goal.

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