About Us

Lifestyle Property is a group of highly experienced real estate consultants and agents dedicated to advising clients on all aspects of the property market, including sourcing property for investment, mortgage broking, connecting clients with rental agents and even visa-by-investment specialists. The group’s mission to break the mould of the industry standard and redefine the clients’ view of real estate brokers in general.

At LFS Property we do not sell property, we advise clients on the property. We will do our own in-depth due diligence on each property sale and then advise the client as to whether or not it is a good bad purchase/investment opportunity. We can offer this service free to all those clients who use us as their appointed agents to source them the home they require.

We also provide a sound rentals service for owners and tenants alike. If you are new to the city of Bangkok or Hong Kong, please tell us what it is you are looking for in your home and we will suggest the areas, towers, estates etc that will best suit your lifestyle. Check our websites below: