Discounted Manchester Living

Property Information

Property type: Condo/Apartment

Flat size:  659-1513 Sq Ft.

Bedrooms: 2 Br & 3 Br

Number of flats: 183 unit

Amenities: Club House, Gym, Parking Lot, Garden, Club House, Gym Facilities, Parking Lot, Surrounding Landscaped Garden, 24/h Concierge Service 

Neighborhood: Primary School, High School, University, Subway, Bus Station, Supermarket, Media City UK

Price range: Starting from £216,403

Expected completion: Q2 2023

Property Highlights

A stunning new residential development featuring one, two, and three bedroom apartments along with spacious duplex apartments of over 23 floors, each designed with modern living in mind.

The development is situated in the emerging creative quarter, surrounded by a centralised landscaped garden. Seatings and social spaces are available; perfect for a new style of Manchester living. All of the apartments are designed in a modern manner, and residents can enjoy 24/h concierge service, clubhouse, and gym facilities onsite. The property is centrally located within minutes of metro lines, and 20 minutes drive to the Manchester Airport.

Why Manchester

  • High Rental Demand – Manchester is named the Northern Capital with many previously residing in London now calling Manchester their home. 80 out of the 100 FTSE companies have a presence in Manchester. It is a location that many companies are choosing to relocate to from London, due to the low rent and the fact that Manchester is the fastest growing economy in the UK. Manchester is a first-class student destination with over 100,000 students across 5 universities. The University of Salford is just over 15 minutes walk away from the property. 
  • Excellent Location and Transportation – Manchester has the largest airport outside of London and is just an 18-minute drive from the property. By 2026, London will be a 1-hour commute on the new High-Speed Railway, HS2, while the city’s extensive tram network opens up the surrounding areas and beyond with a range of Northern Hub rail investment proposed for the near future. Manchester is a first-class student destination with over 100,000 students across 5 universities. The University of Salford is just over 15 minutes walk away from the property. In addition to the 5 universities in the city region, there are a further 24 universities and higher education institutes in the North West, making for an additional population of over 400,000 students in the surrounding areas.
  • Property Prices Are On The Rise – Property values in Manchester had one of the biggest gains in house price growth at 6.0% for the last 12 months compared with the national average of 4.3%. Property values are growing at two times the London rate, and the gap is forecast to widen in the coming years. Manchester is also expected to see the highest rental growth of any UK city over the next five years, thanks to the biggest student population of any city outside London, there is plenty of demand for student lets. Prices in most areas are still very affordable compared to those in the South of England, making Manchester an interesting city to invest in properties. 


The ideal location where everything you need is easily accessible by walking or driving.

  • University of Salford – 15 min walk / 8 min drive 
  • Bars & restaurants – 10 min walk / 5 min drive 
  • Metrolink – 18 min walk / 14 min drive 
  • Shopping centre – 21 min walk / 9 min drive